Innovation: Best Inventions Of 2016 - Part 3


There have been a lot of nifty inventions created this year. These things are a result of the creativity of ingenuous people.

TIME collated an unranked list of the best inventions of 2016. These are the things that are making the world better, brighter and more exciting. Check out part one and part two.

Smart Toothbrushes

The designers of Quip want to teach Americans to care more about their dental health. That's why they developed a smarter and sleeker toothbrush. It is a minimalistic and affordable battery-operated toothbrush.

It has a two-minute timer that vibrates every 30 seconds to remind users to change positions. There are a lot of beautiful colors to choose from, making brushing one's teeth more rewarding.

Assistive Tableware

Sha Yao, the creator of Eatwell Assistive Tableware, was inspired by her grandmother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. She described how frustrating it was to watch her grandmother struggle to perform basic functions with every meal.

Her invention is intended to make meal time easier for people suffering the same diseases that impair one's brain and body functions. Yao added that her goal is to "bring back the joy of sharing a meal together."

An All-Purpose Shelter

It was last year when the Ikea Foundation launched Better Shelter. It is a collapsible temporary house with features like door locks and solar panels that can be easily shipped and assembled in just a few hours.

This year, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees has sent over 16,000 units all around the globe. Agencies similar to the U.N. have also turned Better Shelter into hospitals and other structures.

Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Dyson Supersonic has a motor that appears like a small jet engine. But, it is very powerful and is able to make 110,000 revolutions per minute.

It is quieter than traditional hair dryers, though, because the ultra-fast revolutions become ultrasonic and are inaudible to the human ear. It is also faster than most hair dryers because it has a design that multiplies air flow.

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