Being Bored Means You’re Creative, According Psychology Study


People nowadays would have something within reach to cure their boredom. If someone is bored, that person will just have to pull out their smart phone and browse their go-to social media network or play an online game.

That pushes boredom a little bit to the side at least for a little while. But according to one recent study, boredom is actually a meaningful experience.

Does boredom push a person to a deeper state of creativity? There are two university studies that are currently focusing on boredom, as reported by Wired. According to one Texas A&M University psychologist and researcher Heather Lench, boredom becomes a seeking state. In their study, boredom sparks creativity because the mind is hungry for stimulation. Lench explains that the mind is seeking. Another theory on boredom comes from Sandi Mann, a psychologist from the University of Central Lancashire. For Mann, boredom is a day dreaming state. The mind will enter a state of invention where the person dreams of creation. Mann adds that philosophers have done this for centuries.

So if a person is bored out of their mind, will reaching for that smart phone solve the problem? Mann says that is only a temporary solution. There is a deeper sense into the subject. For Mann, tinkering with one's phone is likened to eating junk food.

Boredom is seen as a negative type of behavior even today. According to Mann, boredom is a motivating force, as reported by Open Culture.

Now, if a person is bored out of their mind, Mann says that leaning into boredom will enforce creativity and a deeper sense of thinking. But philosopher Bartrand Russell says to avoid the bad type of boredom. This is the lethargic kind that makes a person feel like they can not be bothered to do anything.

Check out the TED Talk video below on boredom:

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