Why Workers Keep Getting Injured At Tesla

Apr 05, 2019 AM EDT Workers at the Tesla auto plant spent more than twice as many days out of work due to work-related illnesses and injuries in 2018 as compared to 2017, a new report from Bloomberg revealed.

Correct Use of Car Seat Lowers Injury Risk among Infants, Study

Oct 14, 2014 AM EDT Incorrect use of car seats increase infant's risk of injury in a crash, according to an Oregon Health and Science University hospital study.

Gender Linked To Crash Type and Injury Severity, Study

Aug 27, 2014 AM EDT Gender is linked to the type of severe or fatal crash a young driver might be involved in, according to a Kansas State University study.

Violence Drops in England and Wales by 12 Percent, Study

Apr 23, 2014 AM EDT Severe violence in England and Wales is reduced by 12 percent, according to a Cardiff University study.

Cambridge Researchers Identify Brain Region Responsible For Gambling Addiction, Study

Apr 08, 2014 AM EDT In a new study, University of Cambridge researchers have found that "Insula", the part of the brain that has a key role in inducing emotions, is responsible for gambling addiction.

Southern Chinese University Making Students Sign Suicide and Injury 'Disclaimer'

Sep 18, 2013 AM EDT Colleges and Universities across the globe tend to offer counselling services within its campus for suicide prone students and extend care for their well being. However, a university in Southern China ...

T-Shirt Gun Explosion Injures UA Intern

Sep 02, 2013 AM EDT An intern at the University of Arkansas (UA) athletics marketing department suffered a leg injury Saturday after a T-shirt gun exploded during the Razorbacks' season-opening football game against ...

High School Football Player Dies Sustaining Game Injury

Aug 20, 2013 AM EDT De'Antre Turman, a 16-year-old Creekside High School student, died after sustaining a spinal cord injury during 'routine tackle' at a scrimmage game.

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