Actress Michelle Collins Talks About Her Drama School Days

Oct 17, 2016 AM EDT Michelle Collins confesses that she wanted to be an actress, not a celebrity.

The ‘American Horror Story Season 6’, Episode 3 Theories: An Academic Exploration Of American History? [VIDEO]

Oct 06, 2016 AM EDT Discussions on the events that will likely unfold in "AHS" Season 6, episode 3 are hot in the web. Nevertheless, it is alos equally worthy to note that the narrative of the series was essentially ...

Beyonce’s Lemonade Is Being Offered As A University Course

Sep 29, 2016 AM EDT Inspired by Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’? Study the course at Dream University.

Learning Leadership and Business Lessons From Ancient Rome

Sep 21, 2016 AM EDT Harvard MBA students learn from classical history: reading writings from ancient Rome and how these still applies to modern times

Yale To Open Discussion On Naming Controversies In University Campuses

Sep 16, 2016 AM EDT Yale University has organized an event for a discussion on naming controversies in school campuses.

Kate Middleton, Duchess Of Cambridge Is An Undergraduate Master of Arts

Sep 15, 2016 AM EDT The Duchess of Cambridge is not only known for her fashion sense and charity work. She also holds a degree.

Massachusetts Employers Are Now Banned From Asking This Interview Question

Aug 10, 2016 PM EDT Massachusetts officials have banned employers from asking a candidate's salary history.

Should Yale University Change Its Name?

Aug 09, 2016 AM EDT The decision on Calhoun College in Yale University is being reconsidered.

Could Brexit And Trump’s Victory Lead To A Nuclear War?

Jul 25, 2016 PM EDT History may be hinting that Brexit and Trump's possible victory could have major repercussions for the world.

5 Top US Colleges and Universities for a History Major

May 30, 2016 AM EDT A sound academic foundation is needed by those who plan to be history majors. That is why we have a list of US colleges and universities that could suit your needs.

USFP Receives Largest Single Donation in School’s History

Sep 05, 2014 AM EDT The University of South Florida St. Petersburg (USFSP) has renamed the College of Business to Kate Tiedemann College of Business after receiving a $10 million gift.

“Bad Luck” Destroyed Dinosaur Kingdom, Study

Jul 28, 2014 AM EDT Dinosaurs might have lived through the asteroid strike had it taken place earlier or later in history, according to a University of Edinburgh study.

“Seattle Suspect Had History of Mental Health Problems,” Attorney Says (UPDATE)

Jun 07, 2014 AM EDT Aaron R. Ybarra, the 26-year-old gunman accused of killing one and injuring three others in a shooting at Seattle Pacific University, underwent mental health evaluations twice.

UNT Acquires Collection of Images Documenting More Than 100 Years of North Texas History

Apr 15, 2014 AM EDT The University of North Texas has acquired a collection of images, compiled by four generations of photographers, all belonging to one Fort Worth family.

Yale Student Forced to Rectify Skinny Body Amidst Expulsion Threats

Apr 08, 2014 AM EDT Frances Chan, a 20-year-old Yale University history major, has finally proved to health administrators that her slim figure was genetics and not because of any eating disorder.

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