Could Brexit And Trump’s Victory Lead To A Nuclear War?


Brexit is one of the most major incidents in the modern world that shook not only Europe but the whole world. On Jun. 23, a referendum was held to decide whether the U.K. should leave or remain in the European Union. The Leave votes won by 52 percent.

According to BBC, the U.K. will have two years to talk about the terms of Brexit with the E.U. There are concerns that the nation leaving the group would have devastating results to its economy.

Business Insider reported that Brexit may truly crush the nation's economy after a set of PMI (Purchasing Managers' Index) data by Markit released on Friday showed a "dramatic deterioration" in the economy since last month, when the U.K. chose to leave the E.U. The readings revealed that the composite output of U.K.'s economy fell to its lowest level since Mar. 2009.

In a Medium post by Tobias Stone, he discussed about the possibility of a nuclear war that could be the direct result of Brexit. Stone, who has a background in history, archaeology and anthropology, noted that history has revealed a cycle where humans go into phases of mass destruction which are usually self-imposed.

Moreover, a lot of people don't see the pattern because their perspectives are limited to what their parents or grandparents share to them, which is only about 50-100 years. Going beyond that would mean reading and studying history.

Apparently, the possibility of a nuclear war would be because of Brexit being able to incite the same referendum for Italy or France. This would cause the European Union to be more fractured.

A fractured E.U., which is a major force in suppressing Putin's military ambitions, would be weakened and may no longer be able to stop Russia's attacks on Ukraine. In addition, if Trump wins in the U.S., he would become an isolationist which would result to a weakened NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). The political chaos would definitely make it easier to go on another war.

While this is purely speculation, Stone has added that we are headed for another period of destruction according to history.

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