University of Michigan Students Upset with the Lack of Commencement Keynote Speaker

Apr 08, 2017 AM EDT Gradutating students from the University of Michigan felt upset that they will not be having a keynote speaker on their graduation this spring.

China's 'Harvard Of The East' University Makes Swimming A Graduation Requirement

Mar 30, 2017 AM EDT Tsinghua University revives swimming requirement for students.

Homeless College Students Rate Rises Due To Hunger And School Fees, May Not See Graduation

Feb 09, 2017 AM EST The number of homeless students rises because of the continuous rise of college costs.

High School Graduation Rates Soar, Reaches Record Numbers

Oct 18, 2016 AM EDT President Obama announced that high school graduation rates have increased last year.

Online Education: Top 10 Schools With The Highest 6-Year Graduation Rates

Sep 04, 2016 AM EDT University of Missouri - St. Louis tops the list.

U.K. Degree-Holders Found To Have Low Earnings 10 Years After Graduation

Aug 15, 2016 AM EDT Having a college degree may not be an indicator of future success, after all.

Graduation Requirement Implementation: New Jersey State Approves PARCC

Aug 07, 2016 AM EDT A new graduation requirement implementation in New Jersey receives various responses from public.

College Tuition: Two More Years Can Cost $300,000, Hurry Up!

Jul 27, 2016 PM EDT College administrators are telling students to hurry up.

Howard University Offers Financial Rebates To Students Who Graduate Early, On-Time [VIDEO]

May 05, 2016 AM EDT Howard University will be giving students financial rebates for graduating early or on time.

Former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg Booed For Calling Out College Political Correctness in UM Graduation Rites [VIDEO]

May 03, 2016 AM EDT Former New York City Mayor gets booed when he called out political correctness among colleges and universities during UM graduation rites.

President Barack Obama To Give Commencement Speech At Howard University Graduation Ceremony [VIDEO]

Apr 18, 2016 AM EDT President Barack Obama will be delivering one of his final commencement speeches during the 2016 commencement ceremony at Howard University on May 7.

More Math and Science Courses trigger Higher Dropout Rates among High School Students, Study

Aug 19, 2014 AM EDT Tougher math and science requirements for high school graduation are increasing student dropout rates, according to a study by the Washington University in St. Louis.

Californian Receives High School Diploma after 72 Years

Jun 23, 2014 AM EDT A California-based man realised his dream of wearing his school's graduation cap and gown after almost 72 years.

Brown Declines to Reveal Details of Emma Watson’s Undercover Guard at Graduation (UPDATE)

May 28, 2014 AM EDT An undercover armed guard accompanied Emma Watson as a friend to her graduation ceremonies at the Brown University.

Massachusetts Man Arrested For Carrying Two Loaded Guns to BU Graduation Ceremony

May 19, 2014 AM EDT Andrea Massa of Marshfield is facing charges of firearms violation for bringing two loaded guns with high-capacity magazines into the Boston University Commencement ceremony, Sunday.

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