Former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg Booed For Calling Out College Political Correctness in UM Graduation Rites [VIDEO]


Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave a speech on April 30 at the University of Michigan Graduation Rites. He was booed as he addressed political correctness in US colleges and universities and pertained to "safe spaces," trigger warnings" as dangerous.

Bloomberg told the sea of University of Michigan graduates that political correctness has no place in higher education as it hinders them from experiencing the struggles that they may encounter after college, Michigan Daily reported. He criticized that university administrations should not be shielding their students from such situations. Bloomberg drew a mixed response from the crowd, with some applausing and some booing at his statements.

Bloomberg's graduation rites speech comes after a chalking incident in University of Michigan's campus. The chalked messages were anti-Islam and anti-immigration in nature and someone also wrote "Trump 2016." Business Insider shared that colleges and universities across the US have adopted the idea of safe spaces for their students. Some students have even held protests against racism and discrimination within campuses.

While others find Bloomberg's message to be offensive, some students say that safe spaces inside campuses are necessary. A second-year college student at University of Michigan told Huffington Post that students should feel safe in their schools. The student explained that lack of diversity and issues of sexual assault make people afraid and universities backing safe spaces help them feel at ease.

Additionally, Bloomberg also turned to the 2016 US Presidential candidates in his speech. He said that both Republican and Democratic parties have demagogues, those who seek appeal by using prejudices, New York Times noted. While the former NY Mayor did not name anyone, it was reportedly aimed at Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz.

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