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Facebook Collaborates With Tech Universities To Advance Artificial Intelligence Studies [Video]

Dec 28, 2016 PM EST Facebook's Building 8 and the educational institutions agreement is an offshoot on Facebook's seeking ways to research new revenue streams in artificial intelligence and virtual reality

Facebook Challenges 2017: Tall Mountains Social Media Giant Need To Climb

Dec 27, 2016 AM EST The year 2016 for Facebook is filled with so much controversy though their revenues are strongly growing and being considered one of the largest company. Now that the year 2016 is coming to an end, it ...

Science-backed Reason Why You Should Stop Stalking Your Ex this Holiday Season

Dec 24, 2016 AM EST Here's one resolution everybody should try to keep this year: Stop stalking your ex on Facebook.

Facebook Wins And Fails, Tech Triumphs And Debacles 2016; What The Future Holds For The Tech Industry [Video]

Dec 24, 2016 AM EST The social networking site now acts as a powerful media company. Facebook refuses to own and take responsibility for this power, possibly providing misinformation to the general public.

Mark Zuckerberg's Jarvis AI And Its Connection To Morgan Freeman [Video]

Dec 24, 2016 AM EST Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg built his own AI and called it Jarvis. Not only can it do what he expects it to do but also he even gave it one of the most recognizable voices in the entire planet.

Jarvis AI: Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Copies ‘Iron Man’; Created An AI System To Run His Home

Dec 23, 2016 AM EST Zuckerberg devoted a year of his time on dabbling with AI particularly in creating a Virtual Assistant to run his home, make and manage his calls, doing all sorts of things that a human assistant ...

Facebook Modifies Its Settings; Permits Users To Change Ad Preferences [Video]

Dec 23, 2016 AM EST Facebook has already made settings allowing users to choose topics that are of interest to them, such as music or food; however, this is the first time the social media giant has permitted its users ...

Morgan Freeman’s Voice Can Replace Siri As Jarvis, Says City University Lecturer

Dec 22, 2016 AM EST Morgan Freeman may be Mark Zuckerberg’s answer to Siri.

Facebook’s Chris Hughes Pledges $10M For Universal Basic Income

Dec 21, 2016 AM EST Automation is the future and the concept of universal basic income is on its way.

Facebook Messenger Update: Group Video Calls Holding 50 People Now Possible

Dec 20, 2016 AM EST Facebook Messenger team lead David Marcus recently announced that the Facebook Messenger app will be having two changes to the chat application. The one that will garner lots of attention is the new ...

Google and Facebook Face Criticism On Information Supplied Over The Internet [Video}

Dec 15, 2016 AM EST Google's lack of transparency, the digital era has never experienced the influence of careless misinformation that is being served on the web.

Instagram Live Video Broadcasts and New Tricks Like Zoom and Drafts [Video]

Dec 15, 2016 AM EST Our favorite photo sharing site got some cool updates lately. Have you tried them yet?

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk To Face Donald Trump: The Benefits At Stake Of The Meeting

Dec 14, 2016 AM EST SpaceX CEO Elon Musk will be meeting with president-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday, Dec. 14.

Oculus Rift Update: Can They Remain Competitive Despite The Pricey Touch Controller?

Dec 12, 2016 AM EST The Oculus Rift may be pricey with the Touch controller but it could still remain competitive.

Facebook Enlists College Students To Fight Extremism

Dec 10, 2016 AM EST Facebook has enlisted the help of college students in taking down online trolls.

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