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Facebook Silently Replaces Inbox With Web Version Of Messenger, Users Outraged [Video]


It has been almost two years since Facebook introduced a separate web interface for its Messenger application. Silently, Facebook integrated that same web application into the desktop version of Facebook without any fanfare, and most users are not happy about it.

This writer personally noticed the change today as spotted by multiple users using the social media platform. Based on the way it was incorporated, it hints the move is more than a small-scale test, according to Tech Crunch.

As stated earlier, Facebook did not make any formal announcement about the Messenger update. Facebook head David Marcus posted Messenger 2017 introducing the app and its functionality. However, there are negative comments for it not having a toggle to make the user choose what type of interface they choose.

It was but natural that some of the comments posted are negative for having been given zero warning before the new Messenger took effect. One user, Todd Cameron pointed out problems he encountered with the new Messenger. He stated:

PROBLEMS WITH FB MESSENGER: 1. Enter key sends the message. 2. Very little phone-sized space for composing a message on a laptop screen. 3. Tiny little tab to scroll back up in message thread. 4. Auto reads the most recent received message eliminating privacy as to when I choose to read messages. 5. No link back to the person's profile anywhere on the page. 6. Tiny little tab you need to hover over to see when a person has read your message. 7. When you upload a photo, it sends the photo immediately.

The new Facebook Messenger interface has a new Messenger icon in place of messaging in the right-hand-side menu and the menu bar on the left reported Social Times. Clicking on either icon opens up the interface similar to that of the mobile app. Some users commented on the Messenger 2017 post, demanding the old Inbox interface be returned.

The service with over a billion users has been subjected to changes in recent months. As for what is coming next, not much detail was given by Marcus but it seems Facebook is planning to launch a directory of bots. The post implied Facebook might be in the process of making Messenger than just a chat app, but a completely new social network on its own.

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