Cornell University Study Reveals 4 Resons Why Its Hard To Quit Facebook


Deciding to detox from social media, most especially from Facebook, can be difficult for most people. And admit it or not, there were those times when you have attempted to take a break and went as far as deleting the app, but then end up coming back to it once again.

You may have been using it since the time it started and wondered if your life will stay the same without it, but the answer is yes, it is really possible to live without Facebook. While it is true that it is hard to quit, there are actually reasons behind the struggle.

A study by the Cornell University revealed that there are 4 reasons why social media users are struggling to say goodbye to everyone's favorite app, Daily News reported, and it focused on the "99 Days of Freedom" campaign, which encourages people to log out of the app for 99 days.

Here are those four reasons.

You think the app is addictive

According to the researchers, your perception that the app is addicting is the reason why you yourself are addicted to it. You have been led to believe that it is something you need to see so often until it has become a constant habit.

You worry too much about impressions

Another reason behind the struggle is because people worry too much about what others think or they really want to make an impression by means of their photos and their posts.

You feel lonely

Those who are feeling blue are more likely to get stuck in the social media, according to the study. And, more importantly, those who are really happy and in a good mood do not really log in to Facebook very frequently.

It's the sole social media platform you have

The last reason why you resort to Facebook as the source of your news and means of communication is because you do not have other social media sites or apps to visit.

Eric Baumer, the study's first author and Information Science and Communication Researcher at Cornell, said that using Facebook serve numerous functions but also pose certain disadvantages, and these complexities are the reasons why it is difficult to decide how and when to use the app and when not to, according to Science Daily.

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