Forget-Me-Not: Music Can Help Bring Back Memories in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients

Dec 17, 2019 AM EST Your brain part, which is responsible for ASMR, catalogs music and seems to be a stronghold against Alzheimer's and Dementia. It is fair to say that music affects people in particular ways.

Dementia Study Shows Being Social Lessens Risks; Family, Peers Play Important Roles [VIDEO]

May 06, 2017 AM EDT In case history and signs of dementia run in the family, there are new practical ways to lessen its risks. New research has found out that your close and pleasant ties with your aging mother or father ...

University Education Helps Lower Risk Of Dementia, Study Reveals [Video]

Apr 27, 2017 PM EDT Doing brain stimulating activities can increase one's cognitive reserve and fight against dementia later in life.

Dementia Study Reaches Breakthrough; Cure is Inside Your Medicine Cabinet All Along [Video]

Apr 27, 2017 PM EDT Do dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases finally have promising cures?

Common Knlowledge On How The Brain Form Memories May Be Wrong, Research Shows [VIDEO]

Apr 12, 2017 AM EDT A new study shows that what we know on how the brain form memories may be in error. A new study shows that the brain forms two simultaneous memories.

Johns Hopkins University Tests New Drug For Huntington's Disease [Video]

Apr 10, 2017 AM EDT Johns Hopkins University experts believe that their discovery may lead to the cure of Huntington’s disease.

Recent Harvard Study Reveals Old People Retain Youthful Brain Functions

Feb 23, 2017 AM EST A recent research revealed that some old people have brain functions fifty years younger than their physical age.

Being Bilingual Can Sharpen Your Brain and Help you Avoid Dementia

Jan 20, 2017 PM EST Here is how learning to speak more than one language can help sharpen your mind and help you avoid dementia.

How Eating ‘Good’ Carbs Can Help Prevent Dementia

Nov 25, 2016 AM EST According to Professor Preston Estep, you can fight off dementia and keep your brain healthy by incorporating refined carbohydrates in your diet.

Dementia Decreases As Education Increases

Nov 22, 2016 AM EST The risk of dementia is shown to be declining and education is found as the reason why.

Alzheimer’s Disease Can Be Diagnosed 10 to 15 Years Before Its Onset, Researcher Says

Aug 15, 2016 AM EDT Possible symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease can be spotted once a person suffered from severe memory loss or dementia. Changes in behavior and cognitive ability immediately follow when brains cells die ...

Brain Scan Detects Tau Protein Level, Could Prevent Budding Alzheimer’s? Lower Risk Of Dementia: Study

May 13, 2016 AM EDT The causes of Alzheimer's disease are not clear. Its best-known characteristic is the slimy amyloid that grows into plaques covering the brain of patients, yet people can harbor a lot of that ...

Dementia, Cognitive Impairment Risk Increase With Intake Of Common Allergy Drugs [VIDEO]

Apr 22, 2016 AM EDT Common allergy drugs used for allergies, colds and flu are linked to increased risk of dementia and cognitive impairment, a new study shows.

Federal Appeals Court Confirms $1B NFL Concussion Deal [VIDEO]

Apr 19, 2016 AM EDT A US federal appeals court confirms a concussion deal between NFL and its retired players.

Dementia Epidemic; 47 Million People Worldwide have Dementia

Aug 25, 2015 AM EDT Health researchers from Alzheimer's Disease International said there are now nearly 47 million people living with dementia around the world, up from 35 million in 2009.

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