Deep Learning

MIT Nanophotonic Processor Can Perform Deep Learning Computations [VIDEO]

Jun 15, 2017 AM EDT A team of MIT researchers developed a nanophotonic processor which can perform very complex neural network computations much faster and more efficiently.

The Most Advanced AI Algorithms Don't Follow Humans At All [VIDEO]

Jun 14, 2017 AM EDT Deep learning allows machine create their own algorithm based on the data and desired output given to them

Artificial Intelligence Opens Possibilities: Google, Facebook and Microsoft Riding On The Hype [VIDEO]

Nov 22, 2016 AM EST AI is all the hype these days and for good reasons. AI can create deep learning systems that can recognize images or voices. This is the vision of Fei Fei Li, the director of the Artificial ...

Testing The Limits Of AI: Deep Learning Goes Deep Sea Fishing

Nov 18, 2016 PM EST The fishing industry is looking into the use of AI in deep sea fishing not only to improve the number and quality of their catch but also to protect what needs not be caught.

Udacity and IMB Watson: Take AI Engineering Courses Online to Enhance Skills

Oct 30, 2016 PM EDT More sectors are aiming to go completely online including the educational sector. Now Udacity and IBM Watson are offering AI Engineering Course online

MIT Researchers Train Computers To Anticipate Human Behavior With The Help Of A Television; Find Out How [VIDEO]

Jul 13, 2016 AM EDT It's no secret, artificial intelligence (AI) is capable of doing unimaginable things, however understanding how human behave is not one of those, but a team at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial ...

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