Udacity and IMB Watson: Take AI Engineering Courses Online to Enhance Skills


The need for STEM - enabled manpower is so crucial that private corporations are going out of their way to help generate technology driven individuals. There's not much time to get these courses through formal education since the needs are already right at the door steps. AI online course can help.

Instant requirement needs digital approach. Udacity offers an informal education for AI or Artificial Intelligence Engineering crucial to the workforce nowadays. This is not recognized by the federal state as degree course - but graduates of this discipline can be hired because of the skills acquired.

Often, engineers from formal schools still have to be trained to acquire the necessary knowledge that AI engineers already mastered. The cost of the program is $800 and the medium is totally online.

The so-called "nanodegrees" offered based on specialization cover direct training in the technical aspect for STEM workers. Companies like IBM Watson, Amazon Alexa and Didi Chuxing partner joined forced with Udacity to massively promote this necessary web-based program, said Futurism.

Sebastian Thrun, founder of Udacity is confident that their AI educational innovation will be very beneficial to the success of the country's workforce and beyond. It will serve a diverse market worldwide. Even election polls try to forge the AI system as per this news from CNBC.   

2017 is the target date of launching the AI program online. Udacity and IBM Watson are working on the curriculum. The study period is divided into two terms with 13-week term each. Scholarships will be offered to those who qualify.

Since we are all learning from making searches over the internet already, the AI course will not be unfamiliar. The only difference is, the training modules are well-thought of and put together by experts in their fields. So, basically, the learning can be applied practically to the work front.

Online degrees at this point might not be acceptable as an educational credential but, employers later o,n won't have any choice but to hire AI graduates. They won't be getting the right people for their organization if they won't.  

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