New University Study Reveals Cats Actually Like People

Mar 29, 2017 AM EDT Study reveal that felines would rather play and socialize with humans than take on food.

University Study Finally Reveals Reason of Cats’ Aloof Demeanor

Mar 28, 2017 PM EDT This study dispels the common notion that cats are antisocial or not too emotionally involve with their humans.

Cats Choose to Ignore Owner’s Voice, Study

Nov 29, 2013 AM EST Unlike their canine counterparts, cats do not respond to their owner's call as they have learnt to domesticate themselves, according to University of Japan study. Researchers said that cats haven't ...

Vasectomy Effectively Reduces a Feral Colony than Neutering, Study

Aug 19, 2013 AM EDT A vasectomy or hysterectomy procedure could prove more effective than spaying and neutering in feral cats, according to a new study conducted by researchers at the Tufts University. The study is ...

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