University Study Finally Reveals Reason of Cats’ Aloof Demeanor


Cats did not carry their god complex established in the ancient times. They just prefer humans over food and other things. This is what the researchers from Oregon State University and Monmouth University have proven.

According to the study, felines are really not obnoxious, or selfish, or entitled as most humans would like to believe. It's also not true that they don't like humans as some dog lovers' claim. In a study conducted over 50 adult cats, the researchers found out that cats really prefer humans than food, toys, scents, and treats, IFL Science reported.

The study proves that not only do cats love their humans; they prefer them over anything. Cats enjoy human contact more than food. This dispels the common notion that cats are antisocial or not too emotionally involve with their humans, Telegraph UK reported.

The researchers from both universities isolated the subjects for two hours without food, toys, or any interaction from human beings. When they were released from their isolations, they were given foods, toys, scent, and human beings as stimuli. Majority of the cats chose human socialization over other stimulus.

The authors said that most of the subjects preferred interaction with human beings. Specifically, 19 of the cats went their way to socialize with their beloved humans while four of them immediately went and played with toys. One of the cats went to the scent stimuli and four were too nervous to have their reactions recorded.

The significance of the study could lead to future research on how to train and understand the feline species by knowing what rewards work best. The fact that most cats chose humans and then food indicates that these stimuli are potential reinforcers. Not only that, the study also highlights the personalities and highly individualized behaviours of cats.

Researchers from Oregon State University and Monmouth University said that cats are guided by their mood at the time of the study, life experiences, and genetic mechanisms. It didn't matter whether they're pets or from the shelter. Cats are really not jerks.

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