Penn Study Discover Evolutionary Significance In Adolescent Brain Remodeling

Mar 20, 2017 PM EDT This discovery may help in understanding how disorders form during adolescence.

Memory Enhancement Using ‘Loci’ Method Found Effective in Improving Recall

Mar 13, 2017 AM EDT Human brain is subject to change. A person's memory can be enhanced using memory enhancement techniques such as the "loci" method.

Tech And Campus Life: Top-Rated Apps That Help College Students Learn More Skills

Mar 08, 2017 AM EST Apps that can help college students gain new relevant skills.

New Research Suggests The Brain Is Inside One, Big Neuron

Mar 02, 2017 AM EST Scientists have found a startling fact that the brain is enveloped by one massive neuron that might have a role in the consciousness

Drexel And Princeton University Researchers Study Brain Synchronization

Mar 01, 2017 AM EST They found that a listener's brain syncs with the speaker's brain if they understood what the speaker was saying.

University Of Michigan Study Reveals How Spaceflight Alters Astronauts' Brains

Feb 03, 2017 AM EST A new study has found the changes that happen in astronauts' brains during spaceflight.

Harvard Medical School Study Shows Amygdala's Role In Stress And Heart Attacks

Jan 14, 2017 AM EST The amygdala plays a major role in the link between stress and heart-related problems.

TheTetris Effect: Here’s How You Can Rewire Your Brain For Positivity and Happiness

Jan 08, 2017 PM EST According to a study, you can rewire your brain for positivity and happiness through the so-called Tetris Effect.

How Resisting The Political Beliefs Of Others Affect Our Brains

Dec 29, 2016 AM EST A study led by the neuroscientists from the University of Southern California suggests people have the tendency to be more resistant and hard headed in their political beliefs when provided with ...

The Christmas Season And How It Affects your Brain, According to Science

Dec 27, 2016 AM EST Here are some ways on how the Christmas season affects us.

How Excessive Holiday Drinking Can Cause Damage to your Brain

Dec 21, 2016 AM EST Here's how excessive holiday drinking damages your brain.

Surprising Reasons Why Multitasking is Bad for Your Brain, Says Neuroscientist

Dec 12, 2016 PM EST Multitasking is not something that will make anyone productive and efficient as many have observed for years and recent research suggest that multitasking can even be more harmful to the brain and ...

The Wonders That Taking a Deep Breath Can Do For your Brain and Memory

Dec 12, 2016 PM EST Here is how breathing deeply through your nose can strengthen your brain and sharpen your memory.

5 Cognitive Biases You Should Guard Yourself Against [VIDEO]

Dec 12, 2016 AM EST There are many cognitive biases but these are some of the few that you should guard yourself against

Binge-drinking: The Effects of Alcohol to your Teenager’s Brain

Dec 12, 2016 AM EST Excessive drinking isn't only bad for adults, it's even more harmful to teens and here's why.

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