Tech And Campus Life: Top-Rated Apps That Help College Students Learn More Skills


There are a lot of apps in the market today that can help students manage their time well and make sure that they are productive. There are also several apps that can help them learn more skills that can set them apart from the rest of the pack.

There are a lot of apps in the market that can help students in specific areas. There are apps that can help them prepare for the SAT exam while there are apps that can help make their campus life easier.

We have also collated a list of high-rated productivity and lifestyle apps that every college student should download on their phones. The list includes smart alarm clocks, a health and fitness app as well as a money manager app.

Check out the following apps that can help college students learn more skills. These are the skills that are not necessarily taught in the classroom.

Learn Java

Developed by SoloLearn, the app is a comprehensive guide to one of the most popular programming languages today. It has 64 lessons that cover the basics, conditional statements and loops as well as other facets of Java. The developers also created Learn Python and Learn HTML, among others.

Peak - Brain Games & Training

This app combines fun with learning. With it, students can train their minds to sharpen their memory, attention, problem solving, mental agility, creativity skills and many more. It also features a new Wizard memory game created by the developers with professors from the University of Cambridge.

Learn Korean

Learning a new language has never been easier. Now, students can learn Korean or Japanese with just a touch of their fingertips. This is an important skill to have in today's globally competitive world.

English Grammar Ultimate

Of course, it pays to master the English language as communication is another important skill that students and professionals should have. This app promises to help improve its users' English grammar.

Curiosity - Get Smarter Daily

This app actually promises users that they will get smarter every day. Users can read articles and watch videos that will help them learn something new every time they open Curiosity.

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