KSU Suspends Wrestler Indefinitely Over Anti-Gay Tweets

Feb 11, 2014 AM EST Sam Wheeler, the 20-year-old college wrestler at the Kent State University, KSU, is suspended indefinitely Monday for making rude comments on Twitter against college athletes.

UNC to Probe CNN Allegations of Athlete Students' Poor Reading Levels

Jan 17, 2014 AM EST University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, has initiated an investigation into allegations of admitting more number of student-athletes despite their poor reading skills.

SBU Fires Long-Time AD Over ‘Inappropriate Behaviour’ Allegations

Nov 29, 2013 AM EST Stony Brook University fired its long time Athletic Director (AD), Jim Fiore, after allegations about his inappropriate behavior against female coaches and athletes surfaced in an ESPNw story by Kate ...

Drunk Cambridge Students Create Havoc in Addenbrooke's Hospital

Nov 28, 2013 AM EST Cambridge athletes might have invited trouble after creating havoc inside Addenbrooke's Hospital Tuesday. Drunken students dressed in fancy dresses barged into the hospital from about 6:00 p.m. and ...

Top Influential US Athletes Endorse Unhealthy Food Products, Study

Oct 07, 2013 AM EDT Peyton Manning, LeBron James and Serena Williams are the top most influential U.S. athletes who have been found promoting and marketing unhealthy food, according to a research conducted by Marie Bragg ...

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