Drunk Cambridge Students Create Havoc in Addenbrooke's Hospital


Cambridge athletes might have invited trouble after creating havoc inside Addenbrooke's Hospital Tuesday. Drunken students dressed in fancy dresses came to the medical center to get some of their friends treated, who were injured during a party Tuesday evening. They ran around cubicles while patients were being treated and dirupted decorum in the center.

The Accident and Emergency (A&E) department of the Hospital sent a letter of complaint to an unnamed Cambridge University official citing Disruption of smooth functioning and disturbance in the hospital.

An Addenbrooke's Hospital consultant wrote to the university about how their students were rude to staff, disturbed hospital services and behaved irresponsibly in the premises.

The letter also stated that their staff spent 'several hours' dealing with about 10 students during an already busy night. Patients and their relatives were constantly complaining about the delay in services.

"We can confirm that we have written to a Cambridge college to raise concerns about a small number of students who were behaving irresponsibly and causing operational difficulty in the emergency department," Dr Adrian Boyle, consultant at Addenbrooke's A&E, said. "This is a relatively unusual occurrence but it did cause problems for staff on the night in question."

During the invasion, some students were found to be "semi-comatose through alcohol." They scored eight to nine on the Glasgow Coma scale (GCS) - a method used to assess a patient's neurological state based on their ability to open their eyes, move and speak.

The students are believed to be either from rugby or rowing drinks event.

"The University deplores the reported unacceptable behavior by students in A&E. An investigation is under way," a Cambridge University said.

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