SBU Fires Long-Time AD Over ‘Inappropriate Behaviour’ Allegations


Stony Brook University fired its long time Athletic Director (AD), Jim Fiore, after allegations about his inappropriate behavior against female coaches and athletes surfaced in an ESPNw story by Kate Fagan.

Fiore, who served as the AD for more than a decade, has been accused of sexual harassment, retaliation, misappropriation of university resources and interrogating people about their sexuality.

Denying all the allegations, Fiore said that the story is absolutely offensive, false and defamatory.

"The anonymous, 'kitchen sink' allegations that have been made against me are absolutely false," Fiore said. "I cannot help but think that the motives of the unnamed sources serve no purpose other than someone's obvious financial gain and to hurt me personally and professionally. I will vigorously fight these bogus claims and defend my reputation," Newsday reports.

Fagan further said that his legal representatives have issued a cease and desist letter to ESPNw and any media outlet that has sourced or reprinted this article.

Due to the allegations, the university conducted an internal investigation and decided to buy out the remainder of his contract for $800,000. They haven't filed any disciplinary charges against Fiore.

A source familiar with the investigation told Newsday that the university had just two options: to either pay out the remainder of Fiore's contract or put him through the dismissal process.

"He would've gone through a process that would have taken at least a year, perhaps two or more years, and he would've still kept his job, and his salary, not to mention the university would've been saddled with legal costs and the outcome would've been uncertain," the source said. "It was determined that it was in the best interest of the university to end its relationship [with Fiore] as quickly as possible."

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