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Student loan application

Higher Education: Issues College Students Most Worried About Student Loans

Mar 31, 2017 PM EDT The constant increase in the cost of higher education has made parents and soon-to-be college students worried as they begin the college applications process, a survey has reported.

Microsift, Google and Facebook Aim To Transform Education]

Tech Giants Microsift, Google and Facebook Aim To Transform Education [VIDEO]

Mar 29, 2017 AM EDT Learning management systems are already a %5.2 billion industry. The only downside of the surge in interest in ed-tech from these giants is that it has put a damper on venture investment.

President Donald Trump

Trump’s Proposed Budget Cuts Might Impact Maine Universities

Mar 29, 2017 AM EDT Maine's public university system, and team of researchers are taking a close look at President Donald Trump's proposed budget cuts as it might have a dramatic impact on their existing programs.

Cats are not Jerks; Here’s Proof

New University Study Reveals Cats Actually Like People

Mar 29, 2017 AM EDT Study reveal that felines would rather play and socialize with humans than take on food.

Close-up Of Mars

Martian Tsunamis Ground Zero Located

Mar 28, 2017 PM EDT It was once debated that Mars is nothing but a giant red dry land and that oceans are not part of it. Now this recent findings offer strong evidence that oceans indeed were part of the planet.

University of Bristol and the NHS Blood and Transplant Reach Artificial Blood Production Major Breakthrough

University Reaches Artificial Blood Breakthrough

Mar 28, 2017 AM EDT A generous blood supply is sought after and many have tried to recreate artificial volumes of blood to meet the high demand. This is exactly what a team of researchers from the University of Bristol ...

Many people today can't differentiate Real News From Fake News

Public School Youth Take Measures Against Spread Of Fake News

Mar 29, 2017 AM EDT Public school youth are being taught by non-profit groups like MIghty Writers on how to spot fake news, how to deal with it and how to effectively fight it.

Stunning Time-Lapse Shows Southern Lights From NZ Charter Flight

Air New Zealand:Flies An Amazing Journey Through The Southern Lights

Mar 28, 2017 AM EDT A total of 134 lucky passengers got the chance to watch the spectacular Southern Lights in mid-air.

T-Rex named Trix at Naturalis Museum of Leiden

Queensland and James Cook University Investigate Largest Dinosaur Footprint Found

Mar 28, 2017 AM EDT A real life "Jurassic Park" in Australia showcased footprints of 21 different dinosaur species, including the largest track ever recorded by man.

OpenAI and the Fast AI Learning Strategy

Elon Musk's OpenAI Has A Much Simpler Machine Learning Method

Mar 28, 2017 AM EDT OpenAI said that they are using a technique called evolution strategy which is much faster than reinforcement learning.

2016's Most Admired Tech Leader

Elon Musk Aims To Link Brains To Computers With Neuralink

Mar 28, 2017 AM EDT Elon Musk through his new found biotech company, Neuralink, wants to link the human brain to computers via a neural lace implant.

Chinese scientists on genetic facility

College Degree Choices Sciences Avoided By Students Due To Difficulty In Accepting Failure

Mar 28, 2017 AM EDT American youths are shunning science degrees and one of the major reason is the difficulty in accepting failure.

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