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New Study Points Human Jetstream To Extreme Weather [VIDEO]

New Study Points Human Jetstream To Extreme Weather [VIDEO]

Mar 28, 2017 AM EDT Persistent episodes of extreme weather in the Northern Hemisphere summer have been shown to be associated with the presence of high-amplitude quasi-stationary atmospheric Rossby waves.

Spiritual Healing Can Actually Treat Mental Health Conditions

Mental Health Stigma Hampers Spiritual Help Patients Need

Mar 27, 2017 PM EDT The stigma attached to mental health patients prevents them from getting the spiritual help needed.

Stone Tools in Action - Shots of Making A Stone Axe Handle

Hidden WW1 Base Found In Israel, Signs Of Stone Age Civilization Also Present

Mar 27, 2017 PM EDT The Israeli Antiquities Authority has found a hidden WW1 barracks with hundreds of liquor bottles and military equipment.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Spots Spherical Structure on Surface of the Red Planet

Mar 27, 2017 AM EDT Speculations varied about the white spherical object spotted on the surface of Mars. Some said it could be a tower while scientists considered it as one of the spherules that abound the planet.

Stephen Hawking Announce Breakthrough Starshot, A New Space Exploration Initiative

Trump Makes Stephen Hawking Sad, Renowned Scientist Loses Hope

Mar 27, 2017 PM EDT Stephen Hawking is saddened by the fact that Donald Trump stopped the funding for climate change research.

President Trump's proposed education budget affects students and researchers most

President Trump's Budget Proposal To Affect Students And Researchers Most

Mar 27, 2017 AM EDT This especially affects students from historically black colleges and universities.

Biometrics Considered For National Identity Card

Retinal Implant Advancements Brings Us Closer To Better Bionic Eyes

Mar 27, 2017 AM EDT Restoring vision has two distinct yet similar approaches that aims to curb retinal degeneration by implanting retinal prosthesis inside the eye that directly stimulates the eye's photoreceptors.

Humor And Quantum Mechanics Are Somewhat Related

Quantum Theory Holds The Key To Our Sense of Humor

Mar 27, 2017 AM EDT A recent study attempts to shed light about the mystery of humor using quantum mechanics

Jodie Foster

Ivy Leaguers and Brightest Movie Stars Named

Mar 27, 2017 AM EDT Some people recognize actors and actresses for what they do on the screen. But several of them have far more impressive lives off camer.

Ivy League School Banners

Study Reveals How Cost Is The Reason Students Opt Out Of Their Top College Choice

Mar 28, 2017 AM EDT A study has shown that the high cost of colleges is one of the major reasons why many students decline their top college choice.

Burning Sands | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

‘Burning Sands’ Sheds Light On Fraternity Hazing

Mar 26, 2017 AM EDT Netflix new film, "Burning Sands," takes a fictionalized look at fraternity hazing in historically black colleges.

Gene Therapy Can Lengthen Life

Gene Therapy: The Woman Who Views Aging As A Disease

Mar 26, 2017 AM EDT Elizabeth Parrish received gene therapy treatment to reverse the aging process in her body. She also did this to prove that gene therapy treatment has more benefits to man than harm.

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