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Big 12 May Have Championship Game With 10 Teams, No Divisions

Jan 14, 2016 PM EST Despite its name, the Big 12 conference did not want to have to add two football programs in order to have the option of adding a championship game.

Scientists Devise Method to Get Individual Microrobots to Work Together on Tasks

Jan 14, 2016 PM EST A team of researchers figured out a way to utilize tiny individual robots thanks to force field technology.

'The Hobbit', an Ancient Human Relative, Lived on Indonesian Island Sulawesi

Jan 14, 2016 AM EST With the discovery that an ancient human relative known as "the hobbit" inhabited the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, a team of researchers learned new details about its evolution.

'Green Pea Galaxies' May Have Helped Reionize Univerese After Bing Bang

Jan 14, 2016 AM EST With the discovery of a new classification of galaxies, a team of researchers is able to shed some light on the mysterious "cosmic dark age" that followed the Big Bang.

USC Issues Apology for Including Optional Sexual History Questions in Title IX Survey

Jan 13, 2016 PM EST As part of a mandatory Title IX course the University of Southern California required for registration, the school asked deeply personal questions about students' sexual history.

NASA Implements Planetary Defense Coordination Office to Safeguard Against Asteroids

Jan 13, 2016 PM EST NASA established a new office with the primary task of protecting the Earth from potentially threatening asteroids and comets.

Machimosaurus Rex: Massive Marine Crocodile's Remains Make it Largest Ever

Jan 13, 2016 PM EST A team of scientists detailed the remains of what is now the largest marine crocodile ever discovered, painting a terrifying picture of what the creature must have looked like.

Kirby Smart's Journey With Alabama Comes to an End

Jan 13, 2016 PM EST Kirby Smart is finally able to rest now that the Alabama Crimson Tide accomplished their mission of winning of the National Championship.

Andrew Smith Remembered as Model Student-Athlete

Jan 13, 2016 AM EST When Brad Stevens left the Boston Celtics to visit Andrew Smith in the hospital, it was clear his former player's health was not improving.

Bronze Age Village in Britain Yielding Well-Preserved Artifacts

Jan 13, 2016 AM EST A team of researchers at Cambridge University detailed a surprisingly well-preserved Bronze Age village in Peterborough, Britain.

Greenland Ice Sheet Melting Helped Along By Clouds

Jan 13, 2016 AM EST As researchers continue to learn more about the world's melting ice sheets, they find new contributing factors and some are not expected.

Missouri Teenager Pleads Guilty to Making Racist, Violent Threats Against Students

Jan 13, 2016 AM EST Connor Stottlemyre, a 19-year-old former student at Northwest Missouri State University, pleaded guilty to making a racially charged threat of violence.

College Football Playoff Announces Jeff Long Will Step Down as Selection Chair

Jan 12, 2016 PM EST With the second annual College Football Playoff in the books, the selection committee announced Jeff Long would step down as chairman.

OJ Howard NFL Draft Decision Looming, Will Consult Nick Saban

Jan 12, 2016 PM EST Fresh off a huge performance in the 2016 College Football Playoff National Championship, Alabama tight end O.J. Howard is considering declaring for the NFL Draft.

SpaceX to Attempt Rocket Landing at Sea This Sunday

Jan 12, 2016 PM EST Having successfully landed a rocket back on Earth after launch, SpaceX is going to try to do it again, this time at sea.

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