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Russell Westerholm

5 Planets Will be Visible in Pre-Dawn Sky for the Next Month

Jan 19, 2016 PM EST Starting early Wednesday morning and lasting for about a month, sky watchers on Earth will be able to see five planets in the sky at the same time.

FIshing Catches Vastly Underreported Around the Globe, New Study Finds

Jan 19, 2016 PM EST A new study on the world's fish catching data has disputed official figures from the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization.

Peyton Barber NFL Decision a Surprise, But it Makes Sense

Jan 19, 2016 PM EST One of the biggest surprises of the college football season, Auburn running back Peyton Barber provided the NFL Draft with its biggest surprise to this point.

Ohio State Football Recruiting News: Dwayne Haskins' Switch from Maryland Contributes to Surge for Urban Meyer's 2016 Class

Jan 19, 2016 AM EST Dwayne Haskins dealt Maryland a crushing blow not only be de-committing but by switching his choice to Ohio State.

Jamal Reid Suspended At Least 4 Game for Tripping Referee

Jan 19, 2016 AM EST Oregon State University suspended center Jamal Reid at least four game for tripping a referee toward the end of the basketball team's game Sunday against Utah.

More Than 200 Species of Arthropods Live in the Average US Home

Jan 19, 2016 AM EST For the first time, scientists determined the biodiversity of tiny creatures called arthropods in the average United States home.

Oklahoma Becomes 5th AP No. 1 to Suffer Upset, 3rd in the State of Iowa

Jan 19, 2016 AM EST The Oklahoma Sooners became the fifth different AP number-one team this season Monday afternoon, but by the end of the day they were the fifth different AP number-one team to suffer an upset.

AP Poll Basketball: Oklahoma Takes No. 1 Spot Unanimously Following Chaotic Week

Jan 18, 2016 PM EST After a particularly contentious week for Top 25 teams, the Oklahoma Sooners have risen to the top of the Associated Press college basketball poll for the first time in nearly 26 years.

Donald Trump's Liberty University Address Draws Evagelical Leader's Ire

Jan 18, 2016 PM EST It should come as no surprise that Donald Trump ruffled a few feathers during his address at Liberty University, but one of the loudest critics was represented those he was trying to win over.

Brady Hoke Hired as Oregon's Defensive Coordinator, Will Bring Back 4-3 Defense

Jan 18, 2016 PM EST Brady Hoke is returning the sidelines of a major Division 1 college football program, agreeing to take the defensive coordinator position at Oregon.

Researchers Hope to Learn Details of Bent Pyramid's Construction from Cosmic Particles

Jan 18, 2016 PM EST The Scan Pyramids Mission hopes to tell a detailed story of how the Bent Pyramid of Egypt was constructed by analyzing cosmic particles stored inside.

Sam DuBose: University of Cincinnati Settles With Family for $4.8 Million

Jan 18, 2016 PM EST The University of Cincinnati agreed to pay the family of Samuel DuBose $4.8 million to settle a lawsuit over the man's death at the hands of a school police officer.

Brightest Galaxy in the Universe Being Consumed by Black Hole

Jan 18, 2016 AM EST The brightest galaxy ever seen in the universe is being ripped apart by a supermassive black hole at its center.

Astronauts Grow Flower in Space for First Time

Jan 18, 2016 AM EST Crewmembers aboard the International Space Station were excited to share that they have grown a flower in space for the first time ever.

SpaceX Rocket Tips Over on Landing Attempt on Droneship (WATCH)

Jan 18, 2016 AM EST SpaceX successfully delivered a satellite into orbit Sunday, but again watched its rocket tip over and crash after attempting to land it back on the ground.

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