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California Looks Into Increasing Tuition Fees For Nonresident Students Following State Audit

Jun 11, 2016 AM EDT Legislators are proposing an increase in tuition fees for nonresident students at the University of California.

University Of Arizona President Ann Weaver Hart To Leave Post When Contract Expires On 2018

Jun 11, 2016 AM EDT University of Arizona President Ann Weaver Hart is set to leave her post by the time her contract expires on 2018.

'Minecraft: Education Edition' Free Trial Released By Microsoft In Early Access

Jun 11, 2016 AM EDT “Minecraft: Education Edition” free trial version has been released by Microsoft on June 9, and it's currently available in early access.

Gigabyte Launches GeForce GTX 1080 Xtreme Gaming Graphics Card, Comes In VR-Ready

Jun 10, 2016 AM EDT Gigabyte has launched a customized GeForce GTX 1080 Xtreme Gaming graphics card that is capable of running VR. The manufacturer boasts the Windforce 3X cooler, which is a patent-pending design that ...

New Study Reveals Colleges Unnecessarily Assign Students In Remedial Classes

Jun 10, 2016 AM EDT A recent study at the University of Alaska revealed that colleges assign students to remedial classes, even for those who doesn't necessarily need to.

Valve Backs Fan-Made Star Wars Battlefront 3, Approved For Steam Release

Jun 10, 2016 AM EDT Fan-made Star Wars Battlefront 3 gets the approval from Valve, as the game is approved to get a Steam release.

University Of California President Janet Napolitano Issues Statement Following UCLA Shooting

Jun 10, 2016 AM EDT Janet Napolitano, president at the University of California, has issued a statement on June 2 regarding the recent UCLA shooting.

University Of Connecticut Students' Business Help Provide Solar Energy Equipment To Developing Countries

Jun 10, 2016 AM EDT Two University of Connecticut students have started a business in providing solar energy equipment to developing countries, such as Haiti, Nepal, and some communities in Africa.

Growing Proportion Of English Students Think Degree Is A Waste Of Money, New Survey Reveals

Jun 10, 2016 AM EDT A growing concern among English students is that their degrees are a waste of money as revealed in a recent survey.

'Elder Scrolls 6' Release Date Pushed Back, Bethesda May Develop 'Skyrim' Remaster Instead

Jun 10, 2016 AM EDT The “Elder Scrolls 6” release date has yet to be officially announced by Bethesda, since its announcement in February, but hints that it may develop a remastered version of “Skyrim” instead.

College Rejection Among Students; Three Ways To Overcome It

Jun 09, 2016 AM EDT College admission has always been nerve-racking to parents and students. An aspiring applicant should not be too concerned to a point that one would give up hope if one gets rejected from the intended ...

Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter And Pinterest Accounts Defaced

Jun 08, 2016 AM EDT Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest accounts were defaced by a hacker this Monday.

Girls More Likely To Consider Going To A University Than Boys, New Study Shows

Jun 08, 2016 AM EDT A new study revealed that girls as young as 13 are more likely to consider, as well as have a positive outlook on going to university than their male counterparts.

University Of Florida Opens Food Pantry For Students In Need

Jun 08, 2016 AM EDT University of Florida has opened its food pantry to help hungry students get their needed nutrition.

Astronomers Peek Through Jupiter's Clouds

Jun 08, 2016 AM EDT U.S. astronomers have obtained data giving them a peek under the clouds of Jupiter using the Karl G Jansky Very Large Array telescope in New Mexico.

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