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Valve Backs Fan-Made Star Wars Battlefront 3, Approved For Steam Release


Fan-made Star Wars Battlefront 3 gets the approval from Valve, as the game is approved to get a Steam release.

A group of Russian Star Wars fans has remade the unreleased Battlefront 3, which came into the spotlight just last month. The remake would be renamed to "Galaxy in Turmoil," as Eurogamer reported.

The unreleased version Battlefront 3 was in development with TimeSplitters studio Free Radical Design before the Russian developers at Frontwire Studios acquired the assets from the game, has restructured the unreleased version of Battlefront 3 to run on Unreal Engine 4.

Frontwire Studios has announced the deal with Valve on their official website on Saturday. Previous issues had been known that whether Disney would allow a fan-made FPS game would attach the name "Star Wars," and that still remains to be seen; Disney has yet to acknowledge the remake.

Tony Romanelli, president of Frontwire Studios, has addressed the fans as the project went on from a mere fan project to a full studio development.

"[The fans] are the reason Valve has agreed to publish us," Romanelli wrote. The Frontwire Studios president recognised the support from its fans as a major role why Valve has considered a deal with the studios in the first place. Romanelli also stated the extent of the fans' support was not with the game itself but the studios, as well.

The developers have decided to drop the "Star Wars" name from its title to avoid licensing issues. Regardless whether Disney would issue a legal battle, as EA is licensed to develop the official Battlefront series, according to GameSpot.

Romanelli has also revealed that Valve/Steam has agreed to ship "Galaxy in Turmoil" to its millions of members for free.

The Frontwire Studios president has expressed mild concern whether Disney would issue a Cease and Desist order, but has assured fans that Valve "clearly lacks that same concern." Romanelli insists that the deal has assured the team at Frontwire Studios that "Galaxy in Turnmoil" would continue to grow, and has acquired longetivity due to Valve's support.

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