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Rashmi Kalia

Warning labels on sugary drinks a deterrent for parents

Jan 15, 2016 AM EST According to a new study, the health warning labels on sugary drinks may deter parents from buying these beverages for their children.

Average age of first-time mothers in the U.S. reach an all-time high

Jan 14, 2016 AM EST A report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday reports that the average age of first time mothers in the U.S. is at an all time high, over 26.

Dogs have the ability to recognize the emotions of others, according to a new study

Jan 14, 2016 AM EST A new study suggests that the domestic dog has the ability to recognize and distinguish the different states of mind in humans.

Hookah smoking more hazardous to health than cigarette smoking, study says

Jan 13, 2016 PM EST A recent analysis of multiple studies has revealed that hookah delivers 25 times more tar than a cigarette.

Melting icebergs may help slowdown climate change

Jan 13, 2016 AM EST A new study suggests that melting icebergs may be helping in the slowdown of climate change, fighting against the very forces that cause them to melt.

Potato consumption before pregnancy tied to gestational diabetes

Jan 13, 2016 AM EST A new study suggests that women who consume lots of potatoes before pregnancy may be at risk to develop gestational diabetes.

Exercise is best for relief and prevention of lower back pain

Jan 12, 2016 PM EST According to researchers from the University of Sydney in Australia, exercise is the most effective way to provide relief and to prevent episodes of lower back pain.

How long should one wait to conceive after a miscarriage?

Jan 12, 2016 PM EST A U.S. study suggests that couples who try to conceive again within three months after an early miscarriage may be more likely to have a successful subsequent pregnancy, as compared to people who wait ...

India at risk of deadly tropical disease

Jan 12, 2016 AM EST A new study, led by experts at Oxford University, reveals that India is among countries at high risk from melioidosis, a disease that mimics other and is difficult to diagnose without a microbiology ...

Exercise reduces the risk of heart disease in depressed people

Jan 12, 2016 AM EST A new study suggests that exercise may reduce the chances of developing heart disease for people with depression.

Sugary beverages linked to visceral fat

Jan 12, 2016 AM EST A new study has revealed that daily consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages can cause a 27% increase in visceral adipose tissue over time.

Heartburn pills linked to kidney disease

Jan 11, 2016 PM EST A new study suggests that people who take popular heartburn pills known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) may be at risk to develop chronic kidney disease, as compared to individuals who do not use ...

Young adults delay treatment for a stroke, survey says

Jan 11, 2016 PM EST A new survey suggests that three-quarters of young American adults delay going to the hospital if they have stroke symptoms.

Supply for oral cholera vaccine to double this year

Jan 11, 2016 AM EST According to a statement released on Friday by the World Health Organization (WHO), the supply for oral cholera vaccine will double in 2016.

First-ever 'growth chart' for our galaxy, the Milky Way, created

Jan 11, 2016 AM EST Researchers have created a chart that depicts the way Milky Way grew from its infancy to the bright spiral galaxy that it is today.

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