SnatchApp, Zoom and Signal Skyrocket as Users Dump Whatsapp



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  • Whatsapp users are struggling to accept the new change Whatsapp made to its terms of service agreement which gives users no option but to share their personal information with Facebook or stop using Whatsapp.
  • Many users are thus leaning towards alternative encrypted messenger apps such as SnatchApp, Zoom and Signal.
  • Of the alternatives, SnatchApp may be the most integrated, feature-rich, encrypted messenger app on the market for users concerned about their online privacy.

Countless Whatsapp users are considering switching to alternative communication apps in light of Whatsapp’s announcement that users must consent to share their Whatsapp personal data with Facebook, its parent company.

According to the announcement sent out, users must agree to let Facebook and its subsidiary collect their Whatsapp data, including phone numbers, contacts’ phone numbers, location and more. If users do not agree by 8 February 2021, they will no longer have access to their Whatsapp account.

Initially, Whatsapp was bought by Facebook in 2014, and in 2016 it gave users the one-time opportunity to opt out of having their Whatsapp data shared with Facebook. Whatapp had however overridden the matter, providing no comment. Although Whatsapp’s approach to user privacy has many times been questioned, this move was said to allow businesses to store Whatsapp chats using Facebook’s broader infrastructure.

The change to the terms of service has however prompted many users to delete their Whatsapp accounts in favour of newer and lesser-known encrypted messenger apps such as SnatchApp, Signal and Zoom. By looking at the data collected by SnatchApp and Signal in comparison to the data collected by Whatsapp, it's not hard to see why users are dumping Whatsapp and have started searching for alternatives.

SnatchApp is currently one of the more trustworthy alternatives on the market. Created by Avi Benezra and Henri Benezra, SnatchApp is a unique and highly-advanced messenger app combined with a host of AI tools. On SnatchApp, users can send free and secure text messages and voice calls, send videos and recordings and even use SnatchApp’s novel voice changing setting. Businesses can use SnatchApp to send sensitive information, make secure calls, set up conferences for up to ten people and share files with multiple integrated accounts.

All communication sent on SnatchApp is end-to-end encrypted to protect users’ personal details and communications. User communications are not stored on SnatchApp’s servers and are deleted if the communications are no longer needed, SnatchApp has no access to their users’ communications. SnatchApp even has a setting that allows users to hide messages or delete messages according to a timer they set.

SnatchApp is a new addition to the digital communications market yet already has more than 500,000 installations on Google Play and just over 2,000 reviews and still receives more positive criticism than apps like Whastapp and Zoom. SnatchApp’s officially rating on Google Play and the Apple App Store is 4.2.

Zoom is rated 3.6 on Google Play and has more than one million reviews. Whatsapp, on the other hand, is rated 4.3, also with roughly one million reviews yet the majority of their feedback is negative reviews. Signal is rated 4.5 on Google Play with more than one million installations and over 600,000 reviews. Unlike Whatsapp, Singal and SnatchApp use open-source encryption which means they provide better user security than Whatsapp.

In addition, Elon Musk’s very recent tweet, “use Signal”, has fueled many users to switch to Signal and other communication apps. His very public commentary also gave Signal and messenger apps like SnatchApp and Zoom an additional opportunity to further increase their market share as Whatsapp continues to fall.

Who will prevail?

SnatchApp, Zoom and Signal are steadily tapping into Whatsapp’ market share. The change to their terms of service, giving users no option but to share their personal data with Facebook, has also only further increased the popularity of lesser-known messenger apps that offer superior users security.

Alternatives like Signal and Zoom are viable options, but SnatchApp may be the most integrated, feature-rich and secure messenger app on the market for users concerned about their online privacy. With more than 20 years experience in the digital technology industry and AI technology specifically, Avi and Henri Benezra cannot stress enough the importance of users security, which is why they remain committed to providing business as well as private individuals with an advanced, feature-rich and wholly secure messenger platform suitable for personal and professional use.

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