Explain Bitcoin in 5 Easy Steps


Explain Bitcoin in 5 Easy Steps

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Bitcoin was the first digital currency introduced in the year 2009 by an individual or a group of people, commonly referred to as Satoshi Nakamoto.

It allows people to do transactions all across the globe. There are no third parties involved in the transaction but only a sender and a receiver. This makes the transaction quick and easy.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, which means it does not exist in reality. You can only store it to your bitcoin wallet and use it from time to time to buy online goods and services.

Bitcoin uses blockchain technology, and it makes the transaction very safe and secure. Several big companies, such as Subway, Overstock, The Pirate Bay, The Internet Archive, KYC, Burger King, Microsoft, Wikipedia, etc, accept bitcoin payment widely. You can also visit to know the process of each in detail.

What is Bitcoin?


As already discussed above, bitcoin is a digital or virtual currency that is popular worldwide. No governments, institutions, or any authorities have control over it.

There are several cryptocurrencies available on the internet, but out of all, bitcoin is a popular one. The investment opportunities are also tremendous that will hold your attention for a while.

People prefer bitcoins because it is very secure. There is a cryptography system which is known as a public key where bitcoin funds are locked. There are no physical barriers, such as banks or authorities during the transactions.

What Are The Risks Related To Bitcoins?

There are several benefits of investing in bitcoin, but you can't ignore the risks related to it. I agree that bitcoins are secured because the transactions cannot be traced back to individuals. 

But through the use of public and private encryption keys, these can be obscured. If you are using a bitcoin wallet, you need to keep your id and password very safe and secure because once you lose your password, you can lose all your bitcoins.

Keep in mind that if a thief gains access to your computer hard drive, and once he gets the encryption key, he can transfer all your bitcoins quickly to another account. This is one of the most significant risks related to bitcoins, and you must be aware of it.

Benefits of Paying with Bitcoin


Yes, there are several benefits of paying with bitcoins because it is not like fiat currencies issued by the government. Blockchain technology eliminates the need for physical barriers, and it makes the whole process very convenient.

One of the major benefits of paying with bitcoin includes low transaction fees because there is no need for intermediary institutions or governments. Also, no banking fees are charged.

The second benefit is a peer to peer focus that means users are able to send and receive payments from anywhere in the world. No third parties are required to proceed with the payments.

For the payment, you only require a mobile with an internet connection. You don't have to travel to a physical store regularly for the payments. This makes the whole process very convenient to use.

Bitcoin Transactional Properties


There are some bitcoin transactional properties that you must know beforehand if you want to invest in bitcoins. Here are they:

●      Permission less: Bitcoins are permission less; that means you don't have to ask permission from anyone to do the transaction. It's a software that anyone can download for free and use it.

●      Secure: Bitcoin payments are safe and secure. Only the owner of the private key can send cryptocurrency.

●      Fast and Global: The bitcoin transactions are very fast, with very low charges. This is the reason why people prefer bitcoins instead of fiat currencies.


Why Are Bitcoins Valuable?


Bitcoins are valuable because people are willing to exchange it for real goods and services. There are several big companies (already mentioned above) that accept bitcoin widely.

To eliminate the transaction charges, people prefer cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Even celebrities are interested in investing in bitcoins because of its various benefits.

The Final Thoughts


Therefore, the whole process of bitcoin is explained above, in 5 easy steps. Read the details of it carefully if you want to invest and earn profit via bitcoins.

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