New Innovation by NANO Hearing Aids and Other Brands


New Innovation by NANO Hearing Aids and Other Brands

Photo : New Innovation by NANO Hearing Aids and Other Brands

The hearing aid market in America evolved tremendously. New, modern hearing aids have come to market making it much easier and more affordable to get a new and improved hearing aid. Yet, with so many options and so many companies with their own brands, consumers are arguably facing analysis paralysis on where to start and how to choose the correct hearing aid for the best price. At the same time, consumers are being alerted about hearing aid scams to the extent that the FTC has issued official guidelines to help consumers avoid any traps.

Below, we will contrast the differences between traditional and modern hearing aids and point out some of the latest innovation in modern hearing aids. Note that NANO hearing aids is not a term used for the generic category of tiny, invisible hearing aids, but rather, it originates from being the name of one of the best-selling brands, which became synonymous with the broader term. Some of the most popular hearing aid models will be briefly evaluated, based on consumer reviews.

Out with the old and in with the new: Differences between modern and traditional hearing aids

How does the traditional hearing aid work?

The traditional hearing aid also known as analog hearing aids convert the sound waves into electrical signals which are then amplified. These hearing aids are programmed and manufactured by companies on exact recommendations form the audiologist or medical examiner who did the patient's hearing test. The analog hearing aid has more than one setting but can only be programmed by an audiologist. The user could then change the settings on the hearing aid through pushing a button. The biggest problem with analog hearing aids is that it amplifies all sounds equally making background noise as loud as the person's voice standing next to you.

How does the new age hearing aids work?

The new hearing aids are digitised hearing aids. It ranks highly on the global list of wearable technology in the health and wellness category. They have all the features of the analog hearing aid but they can convert the sound waves into digital signals and give the exact duplication of sound. Digital hearing aids have computer chips installed which can analyze speech and sounds, this allows for more complex processing. The complex processing especially helps when processing the amplification of surroundings, this improves the hearing aid’s performance in situations like cancelling background noises and whistle reduction.

The digital hearing aids have more flexibility when it comes to programming settings; this helps in that the sound transmitted is matched to every person's specific pattern of hearing loss.

More recently hearing aids have been designed to be able to connect either through bluetooth or to an app to a smartphone. With this technology one can change settings on a phone.

What is the best hearing aid on the market today?

This question depends on what a person's needs are as well as budget. A person could buy the most expensive product yet they would not be getting value for money as another company could be offering the same product for half the price.

We have looked at various company’s products as well as the prices of their products to get a comparison. It would seem that the NANO Sigma hearing aid is an all-out favourite, whichever way one looks at the results. The criteria was that the product should offer the following: wireless app control; background noise reduction; sound environment settings; digital processing; feedback cancelation; directional microphone and adaptive technology; the products should also be available online.

Hearing aid brands that were compared:

MDHEaring aids with their product CORE the price per pair would be $999, but the company fell short on refund policies and consumer reviews;

Eargo with their product NEO HIFI, cost $ 2950 per pair - almost 4 times more expensive than a top of the range NANO hearing aid;

Audicus with their product Wave for $ 899;

NANO hearing aids with their best product Sigma for a very affordable price of $ 797 per pair, with some of the best independent news results for hearing aid reviews.

All of these products have the same features but the prices all differ. After looking into each product we found that NANO could easily be the best choice as it offers great features to their product for the most affordable prices. They also have a trial period, exchange and return policies. The use of the app has a hearing check option. They offer a one year warranty on all their products.

NANO Sigma

The Sigma is NANO’s 2020 model, a small discreet device that sits comfortable behind the ear. Wearing glasses or oxygen would be comfortable with the hearing aid as it is so small.

The Sigmaa is wireless and app controlled. A person can choose exactly which setting they would like on the mobile app that the hearing aids connect to. Reviews show that this product is the best on the market for the affordable price it is offered at. The Sigma has 4 different sound environment settings that include coverations, restaurants, TV and outdoors. It also includes noise reduction and directional microphones. NANO Sigma is battery operated and will last 5 - 7 days if worn 10 hours a day.

How does the NANO mobile app work?

The NANO mobile App is available on Iphones Istore and Android's Google Playstore. A person is able to connect the NANO Sigma via bluetooth to the app and will be able to adjust the volume, program mode and equalisers.

Simply turn on the hearing aids, turn on the bluetooth of your phone and search for a new device. The hearing aids will pop up and select them. Whula! Your hearing aid is now connected to your phone.

The app is easy to use and clear instructions are given on setting up and utilisation so that people can adjust the settings to exactly what is comfortable for them. Best part is, the app is for free.

The app also provides a hearing test option which is really helpful in finding out if you need hearing aids. No more travelling to the audiologist to do an expensive hearing test. A free hearing test can be done from the comfort of your own home. After doing the hearing test the devices will adjust according to the test results giving a person the best setting for their hearing problem.

Should you want to change your own settings the following can be adjusted, volume, frequency and environment.

Are online hearing tests accurate?

Online hearing tests are becoming more popular and more sophisticated. The person taking the online test will answer a series of questions after listening to different tones. Online hearing tests are accurate enough to give a person a good idea of their hearing condition and can suggest which device would be best to buy. An online hearing test will not provide you with a diagnosis or the cause of the hearing loss. Yet it is a very useful tool to keep you up to date on the state of your hearing. NANO offers hearing aid tests on the mobile app, their website or telephonically.

What other models does NANO offer?

Luckily we are spoiled for choice when it comes to other brands and models of hearing aids. A person can decide what their budget is and what their needs are and get the most suitable option. NANO has other excellent products that have the same technology when it comes to the hearing aid itself, yet simpler and more affordable than the NANO SIGMA.


The NANO RX2000 is the NANO entry level and most affordable product. This is a behind the ear device which is their most popular model on the market. The RX2000 is rechargeable and can last up to 16 hours after 2 hours of charging. The NANO RX2000 has background noise reduction and 2 environment settings. They sell at an affordable price of $397 per pair. These hearing aids are one of the best products on the market for the most affordable price.


The NANO X2 is a slightly more advanced device which is battery operated. It has 2 powerful directional microphones that helps you to pick up any level of noise and hear confidently. The X2 has background noise reduction, 4 different sound environment settings, digital processing, feedback cancellation and adaptive technology. The NANO X2 is selling at $697 per pair making it almost double the price of the RX2000 yet has a lot more technology features.


The NANO 2XR is a rechargeable device and much on the same level as the SIGMA except that the 2XR does not connect to the app. This device has background noise cancellation technology and 2 directional microphones that helps you pick up any level of noise. It also has 4 different sound environment settings, digital sound processing, feedback cancellation and adaptive technology. The NANO 2XR takes upto 3 hours to fully charge and lasts for 16 hours. This product sells at $797 per pair the same as the SIGMA, for a slightly bigger budget.

What other competing brands are there?


Eargo offers 3 different hearing aid products, the NEO HIFI, the NEO and the MAX. Their most innovative hearing aid is the Eargo NEO HIFI which sells at a slightly expensive price of $2950, this device offers background noise reduction, wind noise reduction outdoors, and connects to a mobile app. Their Eardo NEO which is a rechargeable product, has 4 different settings for noise and frequency, it also reduces background noise. The NEO sells for $2350 per set. Their most affordable product is the Eargo MAX selling at a price of $1850 per set and offers 4 different sound settings and background noise reduction. Eargo offers great products even though one might get the same product for a more affordable price at one of their competitors.


Lively has an online only store and sells one product. Lively hearing aids offer frequency settings, mobile app connections and background noise reduction. The aids sell at $1850 - $2250 per pair. Lively has a great product. It is just a pity they don't have a more affordable option.


MDHearingAid offers four different aids, being the AIR, VOLT and CORE. Their best product is called CORE and connects to your smartphone to change the settings of the aid. There are 4 settings to choose from as well as background noise deduction. The CORE is selling at $999.99 per pair. The VOLT is a rechargeable aid and offers background noise reduction and 2 directional microphones. The VOLT is selling at $ 599 per pair. The AIR is the entry level hearing aid and has improved noise reduction and environment settings selling at $399.98. MDHearingAids has competitive prices yet their entry level products are not as tech advanced as their competitors.

Great! NANO is more affordable, but how is their standard of quality?

NANO has very competing products, not only in price but also in the quality of their hearing aids. Please don't take our word for it, take the word of thousands of Americans using their product leaving great reviews. We have read some of the reviews of the NANO products. Customers seem to be really happy with what they have bought from NANO.

One client wrote: “I'm so happy to leave a review for Nano! Nano is different from anything I've tried - and I've tried $2,000-$5,000 hearing aids from Costco, Miracle Ear, and other big companies. And guess what? I prefer Nano to any of the traditional expensive hearing aids I've tried! Nano is simple, easy to use out of the box. Anyone can work it -- even if you're not tech savvy. Just put the batteries in and turn it on, and adjust the volume if need be. The benefits far outway the cost by 100 to 1. In fact, Nano isn't a cost, it's an investment into your hearing and your health. I read a news article about the 7 hearing loss dangers like getting early Alzheimer's disease, memory loss, brain damage etc, and it's shocking how fast your brain deteriorates without hearing sounds it should be. Its like not using your muscles - they get weaker over time. In reality, Nano is saving you lots of money on a potential future hospital bill! And for 1/20 the price of traditional hearing aids, if you haven't purchased yet, you'll miss out on the biggest sale of the year and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Take action now, just do it! It's worth it, and there's NO risk, since Nano has a 100% money back guarantee for 45+ days - so even in the rare case you're not completely satisfied Nano will help you!”

There are a lot of other happy customers that have left great testimonials and reviews.

The verdict is out - NANO Sigma is in demand:

With all the buzz surrounding the new digital hearing aids, how affordable they are and how easily it is to order them online it is apparent that NANO hearing aids are one of the best on the market. They are reliable, leading with technology and affordable. The NANO Sigma is fast becoming a best-seller.


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