Which Industries Are Utilising AI In 2020?


Which Industries Are Utilising AI In 2020?

Photo : Which Industries Are Utilising AI In 2020?

Artificial intelligence is something that many of us have only seen in movies but actually, this technology is used in real-life much more than you might realise. Artificial intelligence, or AI, uses robotics and has many applications and is extremely beneficial in many sectors including healthcare.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the industries that are utilising AI in 2020. This will include everything from the education industry to the healthcare industry. Keep reading if you'd like to know more about this.


Did you know that artificial intelligence tech is being used by educators around the world? There are many applications for this within the world of education and many parents are engaging with this technology without even realising. Not only is there AI-powered appointment scheduling software available that many teachers use, there are also tactile robots that can engage with students. This use of this technology is set to increase in the future as it becomes more affordable.


Another industry that is massively benefiting from using AI tech is the marketing industry. Many companies within this industry spend many hours analysing results in order to get the best click-through rates and results for their clients. However, with AI technology, there are now many tools that can automate this process and make sure that results are much more accurate. This is something that Google has been using for years now.


Within the healthcare industry, AI tech is used quite frequently. Not only are robotics used for surgical procedures and training, but AI also contributes toward creating bionic arms for those without limbs. This has received a lot of investment in recent years from people like Tej Kohli and Rathbone Nominees in order to give it the boost that it needs. We expect healthcare to massively benefit from AI in the future.


Finally, the retail and e-commerce industry is one that utilises AI technology on a regular basis. This kind of technology allows companies to gain a better understanding of what their customers want and why they are abandoning their carts. AI technology also helps to provide chatbots that can give customers support right away without the need for human interaction. The world of retail has seen a lot of improvements over the years thanks to technology and artificial intelligence is certainly beneficial.

What's Next?

Artificial intelligence is something that many people have heard of but don't necessarily understand. It is important that we know how things work in order to use it to its full potential. The industries already using AI are ahead of others and we expect more to take note in the future. Healthcare is certainly one of the industries to benefit from this kind of tech with many medical advancements being made thanks to this technology.

Keep an eye on AI in the future and you'll see just how useful this technology can be. 

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