Minimalist Fashion Tips University Students Would Love


Minimalist Fashion Tips for University Students
Minimalist Fashion Tips for University Students
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Well, apparently being minimalist doesn't mean you are poor. It's just that having a low-maintenance kind of lifestyle is the most fulfilling way of life for some people.

This is perfect, especially for those living in a small space. Stuff like shoes, shirts, socks, should be minimized. It simply means to declutter your closet and letting go of the useless ones

So let's get started.

  • Leave pieces of clothes that can last up to two weeks

Being minimalist means shrinking your wardrobe. The key is to ask yourself out. Do I need this? There should be no maybe or sometimes. The only accepted answers are yes and no. If you went through your closet right now, how many pieces of clothes are there? Thirty? Forty? Fifty?

You really don't need to have as many as that. It may seem embarrassing to have few clothes to alternatively wear.  But don't you notice that you actually use only a few of them, right?

The first thing to do is to separate those items that you think you need from surely unusable ones. Then, pick pieces from what you need items those which are not worn for the past 90 days. The 90-day rule is one effective way of decluttering your closet. If you don't wear it for the past 90 days, it is just occupying the space of your wardrobe waiting to have a purpose.

  • Enough with so many collections

Being a fanboy or a fangirl is normal. You tend to order limited edition jerseys, shorts, T-shirts and shoes. Some of you always have the idea of customizing your hat to show heartfelt support for your favorite league. This might be your way of being part of the team's journey but as they say everything is good but in moderation.

You can't just buy a new T-shirt of the same logo every year that you watch your team's tournament. Even if you feel euphoric at that moment, never forget to ask yourself if it is really necessary to buy one. Minimalist fashion means suitable and comfortable clothes.

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  • Choose the best colors that you like

Shopping became part of everyone's lifestyle. It's fine. But being minimalist requires you to buy clothes and other wearable stuff which are versatile to use in different occasions.

In fashion industry, earth toned colors or sometimes called neutral colors are very flexible as to purpose. Black, charcoal grey and white are presentable enough for most occasions. Khaki or denim shorts and pants are best for casual and daily routine activities. If you like happy colors like green and yellow, would it mean that I can't be a minimalist?

Of course, you can. The thing is there should be a color scheme. If you really like to wear green, you can choose from the following shades to fill in your closet: mint green, olive green, emerald green, pale green, yellow-green, lime green, aqua green, etc.

  • Functional footwear

Because of the booming fashion industry, shoes might take up a lot of space in your home. You only need five pairs of shoes in your dorm/house. A pair of sneakers for casual days at office, school or gym, black leather shoes for formal occasions or office, boots for winter, waterproof footwear for rainy days, and slippers for everyday use.

Minimalist people intentionally leave with things they absolutely need. Minimalism is a kind of living that is voluntarily applied by individuals. This allows them to have the freedom to spend less time and money to buy stuff, and spend more energy and attention to the actual circle of life.

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