Embrace the Minimalist Lifestyle For An Easier Life After College


Embrace the Minimalist Lifestyle in College
Embrace the Minimalist Lifestyle in College
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College is usually seen as temporary.  This phase of time requires students to share small spaces that must be packed up every year the school ends. Most of the incoming freshmen and even those who are in their last semester consider a minimalist lifestyle.

There are many things you will need temporarily in college and here's how you can have them without spending lots of money:

  • Be resourceful and find free-use technology

Being in college means a lot of paper works and research, if purchasing a laptop is too expensive, you can always use the library, student center or classroom computers. There are schools that offer a laptop rental program where you can rent whenever necessary. Minimalism doesn't mean being thrifty all the time rather it is most likely making the most out of your available resources.

  • Go thrifting

In college, clothing is essential. Do not hoard clothes that can only be worn this season, most of them should be versatile for wearing all throughout the year. You may consider checking out thrift stores for gently used clothing you really need and start decluttering your wardrobe to find clothes you do not use for the past 90 days. Minimalism by sorting out your clothes is a great way to avoid hassle choosing which ones you need to wear. Plain colors are the best choices.

  • Share with your roommates

Basically, the college also means co-living. Share with people you live together, things like coffee maker, microwave, printers etc. There is no need for two sets of appliances with the same purpose. It will overcrowd your space and you will spend more in utilities.

  • Bike or Bus

If you study in a big university, riding a bike or bus is such a great idea to avoid the hassle of having your own car. Since studying in a college university is time-consuming, maintenance of your own vehicle might be forgotten along the way leading to more serious trouble.

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Now, here are the benefits of embracing minimalist lifestyle in college:

  • Less time spent when making decisions. Instead of waking up early to dig your closet and find the best one to wear. The minimalist wardrobe will only have the things comfortable and suitable for you.
  • More savings. When you are not attracted to the latest version of iPhone or new pair of use, you will soon find yourself having more savings than you ever did before.
  • More time for you. Individuals who started to embrace minimalism find extra time for themselves to spend on more productive activities rather than going through long lines at stores.
  • Less time spent on misplaced items. This is the most confusing moment for everyone. It is so hard to find your clothes, shoes, notebook, textbook etc. when you are drowning with too many items inside your small space. If it is organized, everything can be seen instantly.
  • Peaceful mental state. By choosing to live with the simplest things that you need, it will bring more peace and tranquility to your mind. You can free yourself from anxiety and stress. Most importantly you can feel the happiness of seeing what really matters to your life.

Minimalism can be defined as having fewer possessions to avoid distractions. There is no perfect way of doing it as long as you are happy with the results.

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