Your Desk And Your Personality: Study Reveals Your Traits According To The State of Your Working Area


Is every single object in your desk in its proper place? Or is there too much clutter on your desk that you can't even see the surface?

If you are working in an office, you will notice how each and every employee keep a particular type of desk and studies suggest that your workspace, in one way or another, affects how you work. Some people prefer disorderly desks because that increases their ability to think and be creative, while others prefer less clutter because they can't keep their focus.

According to research, your desk type says a lot about your personality and Lily Bernheimer, an environmental psychology consultant and director at UK-based Space Works Consulting shares the five personality desk types, find out yours

The Clutterer

According to Bernheimer, the desk of the cluterrer is a bit chaotic but the personality types of these people are very welcoming and approachable to colleagues and they tend to be more extroverted. "If they have a choice in where they sit, they're more comfortable and happy being at the circulation crossroads in the office." Bernheimer said

The Minimalist

Minimalists are the ones who don't like a lot of clutter because they prefer clean and tidy workspace but being minimalist does not necessarily mean you are introverted, according to Bernheimer

The Expander

Expanders are the ones who are more territorial of their area. "People who are more dominant personality types are more defensive of their space," says Bernheimer.

The Personaliser

Personalisers are creative and stylish when it comes to their workspace. They are the ones who display photos, pieces of artwork, and the ones who have creative and curious personalities.

The Surveyor

Surveyors are the one who choose to be alone and keep their personal space. They can be introverted but it doesn't mean they can no longer be creative.

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