3 Female Marketers that Became Business Influencers


3 Female Marketers that Became Business Influencers
3 Female Marketers that Became Business Influencers
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3 Female Marketers that Became Business Influencers

Female market leaders have been consistently influencing the business industry. In fact, there are many who build a high-end niche name especially in the field of marketing. Most of them are able to know the undiscoverable secret you need to know about, especially in their areas of expertise.

Now, digital marketing keeps improving on the issue of gender diversity. With this kind of sensitivity, organizations are giving more support and chance to women to speak at the leading industry events. But in order to be chosen a lot of work is needed for self-awareness and self-growth.

Here, you will learn about some of the most successful female marketers including the tools that allow them to have a great contribution to the game of business.

Melanie Perkins

Melanie Perkins is now in her 30s but she has been launching creative businesses since she was a teenager. When she was a 14-year-old girl, her first venture was designing and selling handmade scarves to sell in her hometown of Perth, Australia. In her early 20s, Melanie founded Fusion Books.

Today Fusion Books is the largest yearbook publisher in Australia and just expanded to New Zealand and France. It is an online design system for schools to create their yearbooks.

Most digital marketers and online influencers are familiar with Canva. Melanie Perkins is the co-founder and CEO of this amazing graphic-design tool website.  Canva is her third business launched in 2013. It is designed to cater those in need of professional quality designs no matter the user's level of expertise. Melanie became a business influencer at a very young age and continues to inspire others.

Now, Canva has an above 10 million registered users in 190 different countries worldwide. The application can be translated into 100 languages and was valued at $1 billion dollars as of January 2018.

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Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice is a very well-known trainer from Los Angeles. She is a social media speaker and consultant who's named as the top online marketer by respected companies like Social Media Examiner, Brand 24, and even Onalytica.

Rebekah is the founder both of RadiantLA and Rebekah Radice Media which are engaged in premier training and development companies. She also created the "Authority Matrix and the PREP Performance Method, Host of the #BrandAuthority Podcast, became an International Keynote Speaker, and a very popular marketing expert, and even

She is an entrepreneur and female marketer with two decades of experience making her grow into a respected businesswoman. Rebekah has trained numerous aspirants on how to improve social media engagement, generate positive leads and turn them into paying customers.

In fact, her first venture mounted to over 1 million in less than a year. Given that there are many changes in the field of marketing, her proven techniques remain the same. Because of her effective formulation, many seek Rebekah's help in strategic planning, team training, online workshop, and online training.

Sue B. Zimmerman

Sue B. Zimmerman better known as #InstagramGal, is a trainer of entrepreneurs, business executives, and marketing professionals on how to endorse their brand on Instagram in an efficient and effective way.

For the past few years, she has been speaking at the largest social media conferences like in Social Media Camp, Social Media Marketing World, Social Media Day San Diego, ONTRApalooza, and many more.

Sue used her grit and passion for marketing to create a business that never feels like work and nurture a team that gets to experience a dream. She strives so hard to make the intimidating task of marketing online and using modern and fast-changing technology. She believes that you can learn no matter your age and experience. 

The very goal of her SBZ Enterprise is to help the clients set aside their fear of looking silly, losing money and wasting precious time. In this way, the clients will be able to build a business that has lifelong meaning and happiness.

You can achieve your goals just like what these incredible women do. Know your creative side and always aim to provide convenience and assistance for the public. Businesses are recognized when people benefit from it. But the leaders behind those company names are the real pillars towards achieving true success.

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