Fastest Way to Lose Weight: 10kgs in 10 Days with Oats, Egg, Apple, and Green Tea


Fastest Way to Lose Weight: 10kls in 10 Days with Oats, Egg, Apple, and Green Tea
Fastest Way to Lose Weight: 10kls in 10 Days with Oats, Egg, Apple, and Green Tea
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This diet will consist of 900 calorie intake every day within ten days. This is proven 100% effective for those people who can stand the diet plan and have no serious health conditions. There are other ways to lose weight but this one really works for many.

What most people like about this diet plan is that it only consists of simple foods that you can find almost everywhere. Vegans can also do this diet with some alternatives. People also do daily exercises to loose weight. But do you know what happens when you start working out? You will loose a good amount of weight but the right way to do it is to balance diet and exercise together.

Yes, people have different body types and some lose weight slower than the others. Thinking about losing 10kls in 10 days is almost impossible but if you are really determined it is absolutely easy with no doubt!

Having a healthy lifestyle comes with having a healthy weight. Practice the right balance between the energy you use and the energy you take.  

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This is the fastest way to lose weight and it does work so you should definitely give it a try!

  • Before Breakfast

For better results, you need to follow this routine. It is suggested to wake up early in the morning and drink 2 glasses or 500ml of warm water. Drink it slowly and feel it cleanse your body. Then go for a walk or other basic workouts for about few minutes.

  • Breakfast Diet Plan

After doing some exercise, you are ready to eat the first meal of the day. This breakfast will help you burn calories and will give you the energy to work for the whole day.

3 boiled eggs (75 calories each)

1 cup of warm green tea (0 calories)

1 cup of oatmeal instead of eggs if you are vegan

Eggs have high protein and green tea has many antioxidants that  will keep your skin glowing and will also help you lose weight faster. You can add some fruits and nuts to your oatmeal for a better taste.

  • Lunch Diet Plan

To renew your energy, you need to eat one extra apple. You will not feel week or low all day with this meal plan. Apples are nature's fat blocker and it is also high in fiber. 

3 boiled eggs (75 calories each)

1 apple (115 calories)

1 cup of warm green tea (0 calories)

Whole grain bread with steamed vegetables for vegan

  • Snack between Lunch and Dinner

You can eat one apple and a cup of green tea to boost up your energy.

1 apple (115 calorie)

1 cup of warm green tea (0 calorie)

  • Dinner Diet Plan

You should learn how to prepare your own meal. This time you need to cook oatmeal with fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber and low I calories. Don't add apricots and raisins for the best results.

1 cup oatmeal (160 calories)

Cucumber and carrots in oatmeal (60 calories)

  • Before Bed Time

Drink one cup of green tea one hour before going to sleep.

1 cup of warm green tea (0 calories)

Follow these diet guidelines if you want to achieve a healthier body. It may not be easy, especially for the first three days, but the struggle is totally worth it. For more oportunities, you should also check keto pills as seen on shark tank

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