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Weight Loss Wonders: Popular Alcoholic Drink Tequila And Intermittent Fasting Could Help Lose Weight Effectively [VIDEO]


According to one study, it appears that one famous alcoholic drink tequila could actually help a person in losing weight. Tequila has an ingredient that could help a person on a diet lose weight as well as fight diabetes. Meanwhile, intermittent fasting has become one of the most popular methods of weight loss.

The American Chemical Society made a research and explored the use of tequila and the agave plant that the Mexican liquor comes from. Agavins, which are natural sugars found in the agave plant, doesn't affect a person's blood sugar level due to being non-digestible. This means agavins don't raise blood sugar levels like what was believed before, Express reported.

Dr. Mercedes G. López stated that they believe that since agavins are sugars, highly soluble and a neutral taste, it has a great potential as light sweeteners. Also, agavins are not metabolized by humans. Dr. López claimed that agavins can be used to help obese and with type 2 diabetes people.

Meanwhile, intermittent fasting is now considered as one of the most popular weight loss method. The Authority Nutrition, a website that provides science-based videos about nutrition and health, explains that intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that incorporates regular as well as short-term fasts into a person's schedule.

There are several intermittent fasting methods. One intermittent fasting method is dubbed as the 16-8, which requires a person to skip one meal a day. Then, that person can eat during an eight-hour window. Wherein, people usually skip breakfast and then eat during lunch and dinner.

Nevertheless, an intermittent fast means that a person will not consume anything other than water. Some individuals fast for an extended period of time between dinner and breakfast the following morning, while some will have an intermittent fasting for one full day every week. Intermittent fasting can also boost detoxification, reduce oxidative stress, reduce bad cholesterol, reduce disease risk and extend life span, Observer reported.

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