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Mars Colony: Living On Mars Not A Replacement For Earth, According To European Space Agency Head [VIDEO]


Living in a colony on the planet Mars sounds like fun, but the head of the European Space Agency says that in reality, it would be a terrible lifestyle. Living on the Red Planet would not be as radical as people think.

Based on what ESA director general Johann-Dietrich Wörner said at the U.K. Space Conference in Manchester, living on Mars would not be as radical as people think. ESA director Wörner stated that he is not too keen on becoming a Martian immigrant.

ESA director Wörner said that if a person would go to Mars, that person cannot go outside for a small walk. Wörner claimed that a person would always have to be sheltered and covered. The ESA director even concluded that Mars is not a good place to live, The Times reported.

Dr. Wörner even emphasized the difference between visiting a planet and colonizing one. Wherein, the ESA director general asserted that colonization is a wrong word. Visitation is the operative term for establishing a life outside of Earth, Blasting News reported.

ESA director Wörner stated that living on the Red Planet would be no replacement for Earth. People would think that it's fine to destroy Earth because people can go to a better place. But, people will hardly find a better place than earth. The European Space Agency head also claimed that living on the moon is no different from living on Mars.

Although Mars has better lighting, but the planet's other conditions are not much better. The Red Planet has a thin atmosphere, so breathing in the open is out of the question. Plus, Mars is a rocky, dry and dusty planet

Nevertheless, the idea of exploring other planets in the solar system had always been there, but bringing life beyond Earth recently had been revealed. Advocates started to sprout, which include the founder of SpaceX, Musk.

Meanwhile, Watch The Video Here:

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