EA DICE Releases Live Service Update For 'Battlefield 1', But Postponed The Planned Rework On Suez Map


EA DICE's first-shooter game is getting a few quality of life improvements this week. The much-awaited Live Service update has just arrived on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game developer has just released the May patch notes for the massive Live Service update, the first of many monthly updates for the action-packed first-shooter game "Battlefield 1."

Along with the tons of new contents, bug fixes and improvements made for the game, Premium Friends has also returned. The game developer also said that it will continue its active lead up to the much-talked EA Play event, which slated to take place this Saturday before the E3 2017 kicks off, the PVP Live reported.

As reported by multiple sources, one of the major changes made to Operations is the players, which said to be a loop back to the same Operation rather than exiting the mode. This change will put the "Battlefield" player on opposite side of the battlefield. This also means if a player was on the French side when the Operation ended, it will loop the player back to the same server and they will be on the opposing side. The update also added a ton of new maps and modes.

More importantly, EA DICE has finally addressed the black screen issue that was predominantly affecting players on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. In addition to the bug fixes, the game's vehicles also receive some major changes. The update also improved underused attack plane variants.

Additionally, EA DICE also added a new mode for the bomber killer and also new incendiary ammo for the dogfighter aircraft. This has greatly increased the firepower of the plane, allowing the plane to quickly cripple and destroy an enemy aircraft. The full details of the changes made can be found at the game's official website.

In other gaming-related news, EA DICE has just postponed the planned Suez map rework for other content additions. The developer has been working for months on a revamp for the highly controversial "Battlefield 1" map but has not able to find a solution for the said map issue.

The controversial map often plays out with one team taking an early lead in the game and then, dominating for the rest of the game. EA DICE said that it's unlikely to see a losing team come back from an early lead. For now, the Suez map rework is on hold, but the developer still got plans to work on the map.

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