'Dark Souls' Creator To Make Some Big Moves At E3 2017 Event, Likely To Share New Details About Its Upcoming Title


It's the buzz of the gaming world. A new rumor has been circling around the web, suggesting that "Dark Souls" and "Bloodborne" creator From Software might reveal some brand new PS4-exclsuive title at the upcoming E3 event this month. And it's not about the "Bloodborne" sequel, but a whole new IP with a Souls-like influence.

According to GameZone, the latest rumors came from a certain Reddit user who goes by the name of HellaciousHutch. The Reddit users claim that the latest information comes from a notorious and accurate source that claims that the next From Software's game will have some Aztec/Mayan aesthetic. The Reddit users also suggest that this "notorious and accurate source" has a proven track record when it comes to leaking big E3 announcements.

Reports said that From Software is not working on a "Bloodborne" sequel. Instead, the studio's next game will be called "Phantom Wail," a Dark Souls -like, dark-fantasy game and the latest collaboration work between From Software and tech giant Sony. However, since this still no official words yet, users are advised to take this rumor with a grain of salt until the developer made the official announcement about this report.

Additionally, reports also said that the studio is set to reveal its brand new IP named "Phantom Wail" at the upcoming E3 2017 gaming event this month. The game is said to be a PS4-exclusive title and will focus on martial arts styles and hand-to-hand combat techniques. The new IP will adopt a whole new kind of gaming environment, a Meso-American tribal styling.

Melee weapons will still be present in the new title, but will no longer the main focus of the new game. Melee will be a lesser importance and focus as the new game is said to emphasize now on the use of hand-to-hand combat technique along with customizable fighting styles.

For now, the prospect of "Phantom Wail" is still tantalizing, and an E3 announcement has the precedent of the 2014 reveal of From Software's popular action RPG "Bloodborne." The latest rumor about From Software's new IP is still unverified, which means that fans of From Software should not get excited from these latest rumors and leaks.

The upcoming E3 2017 gaming event will run from June 13-15, with Sony's much-talked press conference set to take place on June 12. Fans of From Software could expect even more details from the Japanese gaming studio at the upcoming big gaming event. Stay tuned for more updates about From Software's newest IP.

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