From Software Restarts 'Souls' Engine, Might Likely Reveal 'Bloodborne 2', 'Dark Souls 4' & 'Demon's Souls 2' At E3 2017


From Software, creator of the critically acclaimed "Dark Souls" game series, is reportedly planning to reveal three new IPs this year. The potential venue for the big reveal will be the upcoming E3 2017 event next month.

According to the UK-based online publication The Express, "Bloodborne 2," "Demon's Souls 2" and the much-talked "Dark Souls 4" might be announced and potentially even released this year. The news is based on the recently teased new projects. Additionally, From Software has also told the Japanese gaming site 4Gamers that the studio is currently working on some ambitious projects.

The news about the sequel, which includes the three "Souls" games, is no longer new. Rumors about the sequels have been making rounds on the for the past couple of months suggesting the reveal of the Bloodborne sequel and even the "Demon's Souls" at the upcoming E3 2017 event.

However, developer From Software has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of "Bloodborne 2" and "Demon's Souls." But a new report has emerged suggesting that From Software might be working now on "Bloodborne 2." The news about the Bloodborne sequel came from the gaming site SegmentNext when it reported that a high-ranking official from Moon Studios has confirmed the reports about the sequel.

According to Moon Studios CEO and Game Director Thomas Mahler, there is a 99 percent sure that a Bloodborne sequel will be revealed at the upcoming big E3 2017 event next month. Coincidentally, the "Bloodborne" producers Teruyuki Toriyama and Masaaki Yamagiwa has recently announced that one of From Software's new games would likely be revealed and launch this year. However, the two have not made any further comment about the new title, not even a hint.

As for the much-talked sequel "Dark Souls 4," a new report from the Japanese blog Game Kana recently unearthed a job listing, suggesting that the game developer From Software might be working on a sequel. Reports said that the studio is looking for a motion designer for a "gloomy RPG." This motion designer is said to be responsible for animating characters for the still unannounced dark role-playing game.

Although the job listing does not mention From Software as the hiring company but, the job listing describes the hiring game studio as one with abundant experience in developing high-profile video games. And the most interesting fact about this job listing is the location of the studio. It based close to Sasasuke station in Shinjuku, Tokyo, which happens to be the exact place where From Software's HQ is located. So, this could be a good reason to suspect that From Software might actually be working on a sequel.

But some analysts didn't believe on this. They said that "Dark Souls 3" only released last year, and a new "Dark Souls" is an unlikely and costly idea. Instead, they pointed out that a return to the Demon's Souls franchise could be on the cards, and that From Software might likely push through.

As for the "Bloodborne," the action RPG has been launched a couple of years ago now, so a "Bloodborne" sequel isn't beyond the realms of possibility. Recently, From Software made a huge announcement that it was working on three new titles.

The Japanese game developer has already confirmed in the past that it was working on three new titles, which include an action role-playing game similar to "Dark Souls," a reboot of an existing franchise and a brand new IP. The new IP was reportedly different from previously released games, while the other two games would feature same ideas used in the critically acclaimed "Dark Souls" series, with some slight difference. Stay tuned for more updates about From Software.

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