'Dark Souls' Creator Get Some Big News For PS4 Players, 'Eternal Ring' Is Added To PS4 List As PS2 Classic [VIDEO]


Sony this week announced that FromSoftware's first-person action RPG "Eternal Ring" will be digitally added to Sony's PS4 as a PS2 Classic next week in the US market. Sony made the big announcement this week.

From the creators of "Bloodborne and "the critically acclaimed "Dark Souls" series, "Eternal Ring" is a first-person action role-playing game (RPG) that has been published by Agetec in the US market. The game was first introduced in the market in 2000 as a launch title for Sony's PS2 gaming console. It focuses on the story of Cain Morgan, a young magician who has been sent to investigate the Island of No Return, where the titular "Eternal Ring" can be found.

According to Destructoid, the FromSoftware PS2 title puts players in control of a young adventurer Cain Morgan who travels to a hostile island that filled with lots of mythical creatures and magical potential. However, getting to the hostile island is not an easy task, the hostile Island is home to a large number of mythical creatures.

Along with exploring the hostile island, players can also make use of magic rings and gems in order to boost their abilities and utilize magic spells. 'Eternal Ring" is played in a first-person view.

In addition to FromnSoftware's "Eternal Ring," reports said that there are several other games that are planned to join the growing library of PS4 games. Square Enix's "Star Ocean: Till the End of Time" is also being planned for the PS4 addition.

The action RPG is the second PS2 game from the list that will be added to the PS4 console. First released in 2003, the game is the third main installation in the Square Enix's "Star Ocean" franchise. For the full list of games being planned for the Sony's PS4 console, check out the official PlayStation Blog.

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