Bungie Releases New "Destiny 2' Gameplay Trailer, But Has Not Mention Much About The Big Changes Made [VIDEO]


Bungie has finally released the "Destiny 2" gameplay trailer this week. Destiny fans have reportedly gone wild when they saw the gameplay trailer. But there still lots of mystery and changes made in the new shooter game that has not mentioned by Bungie in the gameplay trailer.

As mentioned earlier by The Verge, Bungie has made a good presentation in the event. But there one big thing that the game developer won't tell much onstage, is that the old subclasses are getting some revamp.

Bungie made a good reveal of its three new subclasses, including the Solar Warlock class, Dawnblade, and the new Void Titan class, Sentinel. Additionally, there's also a new Arc subclass called Arcstrider similar to the first Destiny game's Bladedancer, which replaces daggers with a lightning-imbued staff.

"Destiny 2" is also getting a brand new latent subclass abilities. In the first Destiny game, subclasses are getting only jump styles, grenade and melee types, and super abilities.

Today, each subclass is getting some big revamp, a series of latent abilities that can be used on recharge. Bungie is adding the new Dawnblade class for Warlocks that will allow Destiny players to create a pool of light that can heal surrounding teammates. The pool of light also provides them a damage boost. The Titan's Striker class is also getting some changes. It can now create artificial walls to use as cover.

However, the most noticeable changes made for "Destiny 2" is not on the looks and feels of the game. It's actually in the weapons system. Bungie is bringing a whole new kind of weapon system on board. The new shooter game is about to get a major overhaul. Here, weapon slots are now divided between kinetic, energy, and power weapons.

And finally, the last major changes, the newly added Crucible combat changes, The new weapons system has had a noticeable effect on multiplayer combat. Unlike the first game, the combat feels slower and more strategic now.

In other gaming-related news, the PC version of "Destiny 2" game may not officially be slated for the same September 8 release date for their PS4 and Xbox One counterparts, reports said. Also in the news, the "Destiny 2" PC version might not also come with dedicated servers, instead it arrive on peer-to-peer servers, the TechCrunch reported.

As mentioned earlier by multiple gaming sources, dedicated servers offer a lot more benefits in terms of security and gaming performance. However, it still unclear why Bungie and Activision won't go the extra mile for their newly introduced first-person shooter game "Destiny 2."

In addition to the server news, there's also some last bit of bad news with the game's customized characters. Reports said it won't transfer over from the console version of the game to the PC port. Bungie hasn't made any further comment about this issue.

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