'Dark Souls 3' Reborn: Deck 13 Unleash A Terrifying RPG That Shows A 'Souls' And 'Bloodborne" Like Experience [VIDEO]


"Dark Souls 3" fans have some good news coming from the developer world. There's a newly revealed action RPG that features a "Dark Souls" like experience, however, it did not come from "Dark Souls" creator FromSoftware. The game came from the Frankfurt, Germany-based Deck 13 Interactive, which made the huge announcement this week.

Deck 13 Interactive, creators of the popular action role-playing game "Lord of the Fallen," is making some big news this week. The German studio has just revealed to the world its newest title, a Dark Souls-like game, which they called "The Surge." The game developer has recently revealed in an AMA on Reddit a few key details about the game's combat system, which reportedly shows a Dark Souls-like experience.

According to the UK-based Metro, the FromSoftware's critically acclaimed RPG "Dark Souls" is the main inspiration of the newly revealed RPG but its combat system is heavily influenced by Bloodborne, another FromSoftware's title. While both "Dark Souls" and "BloodBorne" have the same developers, which is the FromSoftware, their combat systems are quite apart from one another.

For starter, the popular "Dark Souls" combat system is slower paced and manageable, while in FromSoftware's "Bloodborne" its much different. Reports said it pretty much like the Team Ninja's newly created action RPG Nioh, which relies on a much faster but more aggressive system and with less room to spare. Additionally, there are also differences in the build styles between the games, and also the melee builds. Players may not be able to move fast or run for longer to make room for other stats.

As for the Deck 13's newly revealed RPG "The Surge," the new game has been designed in the more challenging role-playing game style of the action-packed Dark Souls games series. Its gameplay has further evolved into something new, making it more challenging and brutal. Its gameplay involves using some sort of exoskeleton to battle its enemies.

According to the developer, the game's exoskeleton can be customized (through the game) using the "modular upgrades." Not just that, the game's combat system will allow players to target different body parts of enemies. It also allows players to use finishing moves often ending in bullet time fashion.

As for the game's plot, "The Surge" is said to take place in a dystopian future where mankind has completely exhausted and ruined the world's natural resources, leading to social problems and widespread environmental diseases. "The Surge" development began in August 2015, with the first concept art and pre-alpha gameplay introduced in March 2016.

In addition, the newly revealed RPG "The Surge" The game will be powered by the FLEDGE engine, which originally developed by Deck13 Interactive for PS4 and Xbox One gaming consoles. The FLEDGE engine will feature integration of Nvidia GameWorks, a middleware software suite developed by the GPU stalwart Nvidia.

In other gaming-related news, IGN is reporting today that the newly revealed RPG "The Surge" is getting a nice deal today, with a 20 percent off. For more details about the pricing and availability, check out the IGN website.

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