Google for Jobs To Use Machine Learning To Improve The Job Hunting Process And To Come Out With More Relevant Info


Looking for jobs? Well, Google has some big news for millions of job seekers, and it's pretty awesome. The search giant has just announced plans to launch a new initiative that will make job searching a less hassle and much easier for everyone. Google made the big announcement this week.

The Mountain View-based search company this week announced plans to launch a new initiative that will help the Americans find their jobs. Called Google for Jobs, an online search effort that aims to pull in contextual data from multiple sources, use machine learning and connect the labor pool to employers across various skill levels. It aims to streamline the job application, making it more accessible and much easier for every job seekers.

The new search service will also include a feature in the search that collects and organizes the vast amount of info about the latest jobs and make them accessible or easier to find for job seekers. Google also plans to use machine learning to cluster the vast amount of job info that it gathered online and then bring that relevant job info to users along with contextual data, the USA Today reported.

In a recent company's blog post, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the newly introduced Google For Jobs will launch as part of its search results in the coming weeks. The CEO also added that the company's latest search effort addresses an important need and taps its core capability as a company.

Google CEO Pichai also added that his company is also teaming up with several job-hunting platforms, which includes LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster, Facebook, Glassdoor and more. The Google partnership also include working on application programming interfaces (APIs) for Google For Jobs, which will allow companies, career sites, job boards, and even staffing agencies to improve the job search experience of job seekers who visit their websites and job platform.

Additionally, CEO Pichai also emphasized that the newly announced Google For Jobs will work across all experience and job levels. Pichai also said that the company will be using machine learning technology to crunch the vast amount of info that being gathered across the web and to bring that relevant jobs information to job seekers along with commute times. Pichai made a bold claim that the job search service is appealing and that the applicant can get and apply with just a click of a button.

What remains to be seen in this new initiative is how the search giant will going to monetize the new job service and what it means for other leading job listing sites such as, Indeed, Glassdoor and much more. It also not clear if Google has plans to join the job market, launching a more credible competitor to job search engines like Indeed and Monster. Currently, it only sends job seekers to another job service to apply.

According to a recent business data from Bloomberg, the job search platform Indeed has managed to generate over $300 million in revenue in the first half only of 2015. This is certainly an attractive opportunity for the search giant to jump on the bandwagon and to take on incumbents.

As for the Google for Jobs availability, Google said the new job service will start rolling out in the US in the next few weeks.

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