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‘Tekken 7’ Second Trailer Showcases Several Characters; 8Bit Video Explains Backstory [VIDEO]


After releasing the first character trailer for "Tekken 7," Bandai Namco has again released another one that showcases another batch of characters. It shows some of the essential moves of these specific characters.

New Trailer Showcases Characters New And Old

The game company has recently released the second character trailer, which can be viewed below, for their latest and upcoming fighting video game. It introduces several characters that are both familiar and new to the "Tekken" franchise. It also sends a message to the fans that said the best fights are personal, Dual Shockers reported.

King Dominates The Big Ring

The first character to be introduced was King, the wrestling champion of the video game. He fights against Jack-7, the Chief Humaniod Weapon, with offensive combos and a final grappling move to finish off his enemies.

Jack-7 Enters The Ring With Robotic Attacks

Jack-7 counters the attack with strong, wide attacks that topple down his opponents. He also has some combos that could combine with other devastating attacks and finish them off right away.

Steve Fox Boxes His Way To Victory

The next character introduced is Steve Fox with his fast fists and deadly boxing combos. He fights against the deadly Nina Williams and juggles her with extraordinary attack combos.

Nina Williams Assassin Skills Are Deadly

Nina Williams fights against his allegedly rumored son in her past life in this "Tekken 7" trailer. Her deadly combination attacks and killer grappling skills make her a dangerous opponent to fight against.

Lucky Chloe Is Both Cute And Feisty

Lucky Chloe is one of the newest characters in the "Tekken" franchise and has a quirky look to boot. She has similar moves of Jamaican fighter Eddie Gordo and other fighters as well. She can juggle with a somewhat capoeira martial art and combine it with cutesy attacks.

Eddie Gordo Returns With A Vengeance

Eddie Gordo fights again with his capoeira martial art and he is still as confusing to fight against. He can go into an offensive with a flurry of kicks and flips, or get defensive until one of the players would give up so that he can counter it with a deadly combo.

Miguel Becomes The Powerhouse Of Attacks

The last character to be introduced in the new character trailer is Miguel, the powerhouse of strong attacks. He still has those strong and wide hooks that could stagger enemies, even though they are from a distance. With explosive attacks, his opponents will gain extreme damage if they get hit with his punches.

Bandai Namco Explains Backstory Of Series With 8Bit Video

In other "Tekken 7" related news, the game company recently released an 8bit video that showcased the backstory of the game franchise. This introduced important characters of the series like Heihachi Mishima and Kazuya, and what really happened between them, Forbes reported.

Check out the "Tekken" Retro Recap Part 1 video below:

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