‘Dark Souls 3’ Update 1.32 Launched For All Platforms With New Fix For DLC [VIDEO]

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With update 1.32 for "Dark Souls 3" recently implemented on all platforms, From Software has finally fixed a frequent complaint that involved a certain creature on the second DLC expansion. The Angels' light arrows damage has finally been nerfed, which makes it now easier for players to pass through a certain area.

"Dark Souls 3" Update 1.32 Tones Down Difficult Fights

In the latest expansion of "Dark Souls 3," which is called "The Ringed City" DLC is an encounter of so-called Angels. These opponents fire light arrows from afar, which was really difficult to deal with and many players were already complaining about its high difficulty. With the latest update, it toned down the damage of the light arrows, which made it easier for them to deal with, according to PC Gamer.

"Dark Souls 3" Latest Update Fixes, Other Nerfs, Server Maintenance

The game servers got a maintenance service after the latest update of "Dark Souls 3" was implemented. There was no need to download anything because it was a server-side update, according to the official website of the game's Steam Community.

 The latest update of "Dark Souls 3" also nerfed numerous features in the game for game balance. One of the adjustments was the reduction of the damage of homing spears released from the Spear of the Church. Angels will also now be affected by the sorcery called Hidden Body.

The "Dark Souls 3" update also fixed a few bugs that plagued the game before the update. It fixed a bug where the weapon art Wind Wheel of the Splitleaf Greatsword was applying more status effects than it was intended. It also fixed a bug where the weapon art of Painting Guardian's Curved Sword would make a combo for more hits than intended.

"Dark Souls 3" Now 50 Percent On Steam

"Dark Souls 3" on Steam is currently on sale for a limited time only. Bandai Namco dropped the main game's price to $30, which is a 50 percent discount, according to its official store page on Steam. The deluxe edition of the game is also for sale with 35 percent off the original price, which is now $55.23.

Check out the "Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City" Launch Trailer video below:

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