Bethesda Reveals New Morrowind Expansion Trailer That Show A Very Immersive 'The Elder Scrolls Online' Game [VIDEO]


Fans of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game "The Elder Scrolls Online" have some big news this week. Publisher Bethesda has just released the newest trailer for the much-awaited Morrowind expansion.

The ESO fans may now have a good idea of what to expect from the Morrowind expansion as the publisher released a new trailer about the latest Morrowind expansion. The trailer is said to highlight assassinations and political intrigues that involve the Great Houses of the game's regions. Additionally, Bethesda also claimed that the Morrowind expansion will make "The Elder Scrolls Online" even more immersive than before.

Reports said that "The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind expansion will have some similarities with that of "The Elders Scrolls 3: Morrowind." Here, ESO players will get themselves involved in the politics, intrigues, and even assassinations of the Great Houses.

Other important contents included in the much-talked Morrowind expansion are a new Warden class that provides gamers a War Bear ally and a new PvP battleground. There's also a story task that may require ESO players to save Vivec City from a devastating meteor attack

As mentioned earlier by GameSpot, "The Elders Scrolls Online: Morrowind" trailer will also be accompanied by a huge announcement from Bethesda. The said announcement will be providing additional details about the video game. PC and Mac players who already bought the DLC expansion early will be given a chance to access the DLC expansion starting on May 22, according to GameSpot.

In addition, ESO players can also play the game in advance, by about two weeks, ahead of console owners since the official release date of the DLC expansion has been scheduled on June 6. The Morrowind expansion will costs around $40 for those players who already have their own "The Elder Scrolls Online." Fortunately, ESO players can also buy the core ESO game along with the latest Morrowind expansion for just $60.

In other gaming-related news, the popular "The Elder Scrolls Online" is getting some big deals this week. Fans are getting a chance to get a full 60 percent discount. Today's deals are a part of GMG's Birthday Sale which currently running a 24-hour flash sale like this for the last six of seven days.

Getting the deal is quite easy, ESO players need only to login or create an account. To get their best ESO "VIP" deals, ESO players need to apply the voucher code "7YEARS" at the checkout, according to Destructoid.

The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition is currently selling at $19.99 (original price $50), while the base "Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited" is selling at $11.99, just below the $20 mark. However, these game discounts have a very limited run. This will only run until May 16 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time.

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