Bungie's Newly Released Teaser Video Adds More Hype And Excitement To 'Destiny 2' Gameplay Reveal Event


Developer Bungie has already started to build hype around their new Destiny 2 gameplay reveal livestream event. The studio this week released some teasers on the Destiny official Twitter account. Fortunately, the shared teaser may hold some important clue about the game.

The Bellevue, Washington-based game developer has just released and shared on the official Destiny Twitter account a new 'Destiny 2" teaser video. The said teaser video is said to give fans some important clue about the game. With just a few days away from the official gameplay reveal on May 18. The "Destiny" community are once again busy, searching for clues and hints about the upcoming game.

According to VG247, the newly released "Destiny 2" teaser video hints some kind of a new SMG weapon archetype. Youtube users Arekkz Gaming, who made a good analysis of the teaser video, points out that the weapon being held in the teaser video might be a brand new weapon, an SMG.

Bungie's much-awaited "Destiny 2" gameplay reveal has been scheduled on May 18. There will be livestream on Destiny Twitch channel and select Odeon cinemas. The much-awaited event is expected to offer attendees hands-on time with both the PS4 and PC version of the game. Fans could expect more write-ups and extensive coverage in the following days.

In addition, Bungie has also announced plans to make the event even more interesting for "Destiny" fans. Bungie plans to make the "Destiny 2" PC version playable at the "Destiny 2" gameplay event. This is good news for some "Destiny" PC users.

Meanwhile, Bungie developers are reportedly playing the "Destiny 2" game at their home now. Playing the "destiny 2 game at home has been pretty motivating according to "Destiny 2" game director Luke Smith.

The game director said that playing the sequel at home can be inspiring for the entire development team. It also energizes the development team to come out with a pretty good idea on how to further improve the sequel, the GameSpot reported.

Bungie's next first-person shooter game "Destiny 2" is slated for big release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One this coming September 8.

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