'Dark Souls 3' Dev To Announce Something Big And New In The Upcoming E3 2017 Event, Might Likely Reveal 'Bloodborne 2'


Remember "Bloodborne"? The action role-playing game that being developed by the same studio behind the critically acclaimed "Dark Souls 3." Well, the popular action RPG "Bloodborne" is about to get some big news this year. A sequel to the original "Bloodborne" game is likely to be revealed at this year's E3 event.

For most gamers, the annual gaming event like the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 (E3 2017) is particularly memorable. The reason for this is just simple, gaming event like the E3 may serve as launching pads for many new products and services. And this year's E3 event is expected to be no exception, with lots of rumors claiming that "Bloodborne 2" might finally reveal at this year's E3 2007 event, according to Comic Book.

According to Thomas Mahler, the CEO and Game Director of Moon Studios, theirs is a big chance that "Bloodborne 2" will be revealed at the upcoming E3 event in June. Mahler said that he's 99 percent confident that the sequel will be shown at this year's E3 event.

Speculation about the "Bloodborne 2" sequel began to rebound after a recent Bloodborne-related post in the NeoGAF forum. The NeoGAF account owner who posted the message, who goes by the name of 'Thomasmahler," is believed to be the same Thomas Mahler who serves as the CEO of the gaming studio Moon Studios.

"Bloodborne" director Hidetaka Miyazaki has already announced that there are still no plans to make a follow-up game or a sequel. During an interview with media, director Miyazaki said that he's not thinking about making sequels or spin-offs yet. This might also include "Bloodborne franchise. Additionally, Miyazaki has also explained his previous comments about a potential "Demon's Souls" remaster version and also explained what he hopes about the "Dark Souls" game series.

However, in April of 2016, Miyazaki made a big headline when he revealed to the gaming world that the "Dark Souls 3" developer (FromSoftware) has just started the development works on a new IP. Miyazaki even made a boldly claim that he's now working on "new titles," though Miyazaki didn't provide much information about it.

As for the "Bloodborne" publisher Sony Computer Entertainment, the gaming giant is rumored to be working on something new. The Japanese gaming firm has a strong line-up of titles for this year and the company has an exclusive marketing right for these games so the chances of showing up something new at the E3 event are pretty high, according to GamingBolt.

Sony has a game from every possible genre and adding a new game to its portfolio will only make the PS4 console even more appealing to the gaming world. Sony is said to be keen in beefing up its lineup as a response to the Xbox Scorpio's growing popularity. The Xbox Scorpio console is one of the most anticipated tech devices of the year, and it's expected to bring extreme gaming experience and lots of titles on board.

Finally, "Bloodborne" and "Dark Souls" fans can expect more details about the sequel in the upcoming big gaming event. The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 is slated to take place this coming June 13, with FromSoftware as one of its biggest gaming participants.

First introduced in March 2015, "Bloodborne" is an action RPG developed by the same company who brought the action-packed "Dark Souls 3" FromSoftware and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game was first introduced at Sony's E3 2014 conference and was released worldwide for the PS4 consoles in March 2015.

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